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finalized sometime in 2008. The comment period is exactly what it is named for and that is a comment period. With problems should come solutions? For example, there are universities that have hundreds of millions in their endowment but will probably not make it long term because they don't have a vision of how the landscape of learning will look like 5, 10 and 20 years from now. We all know it is changing but where will it go with regards to technology, housing and areas where our students will be working. I view the university as having two customers, one internal (faculty and staff) and the other external (students). As we develop this plan let's think about both customers and how they determine our future for this university. We targeted in on the $40 million price tag and not what's best for this university (Just My Humble Opinion). Its human nature to think about costs before we determine what we really need to accomplished. (I'll agree some of the dollars may have been a "Wish List" but it made us all think, ponder and comment). Put the dollars to the side until we determine what we want to accomplish. Let's focus in on these issues; 1) How do we bring more students to the Fayette Campus? 2) How do we bring more faculty and staff to the Fayette Campus? 3) How do we increase the enrollment at our centers, external degree and on-line programs? 4) How do we increase our scholarship program? 5) How do we add more Academic Programs to our curriculum? 6) How do we use technology to increase efficiency? 7) How do we find grant and foundation dollars to fund our projects? 8) How do we increase our endowment? Ladies and gentlemen these are just starters.

I applaud and ask you to keep debating and discussing the issues because we have a chance to provide the vision and outcome for UIU over the next 150 years. This is my university; this is your university so let's make a great institution even better.

Go Peacocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Firth (rfirth@aplmc.com)

Response to Comment: The subcommittee agrees with the spirit and intent of this comment and the points made therein.

Comment 10: General comments

Others who have commented above are correct: the strategic plan as presented provides no coherent vision for the future and consists mostly of a series of wish lists, which serve to make it much more tactical than strategic. The major issue that I see facing Upper Iowa is the lack of an endowment. Being tuition-driven, as everyone knows, leaves us vulnerable to the vagaries of the local and national economies, as an economic downturn leaves fewer students with the resources to attend Upper Iowa. We need an endowment more than anything else to help us weather not only hard economic times but also coming changes in the very nature of higher education. How education is delivered twenty years from now is anybody's guess, but I bet it will be quite different than it is today. Without


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