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this point was not sufficiently emphasized). Accordingly, the subcommittee acknowledges the degree to which certain intentions and ideas contained herein need to be further detailed, articulated, and evaluated. Notwithstanding this, the subcommittee believes there are six elements to the strategic thinking at this point which can be identified, all of which, the subcommittee believes, support the University’s mission and vision (but, as acknowledged in a previous response, may not represent all of the strategies that should be considered at this time):

INTRODUCE POLICIES AND PROGRAMS THAT CREATE THE SEAMLESS MOVEMENT OF STUDENTS AND FACULTY. Remove or minimize internal and external barriers and align policies to create a UIU academic and administrative structure that permits and promotes the seamless movement of students and faculty across the university.

CHALLENGE THE CURRICULUM & PEDAGOGY TO ACHIEVE THE VISION OBJECTIVE OF “DEVELOPING GLOBAL CITIZENS”(to include growth and enhancement of academic programs). Develop an academic road map to serve as a guide for the allocation of resources. Develop a supporting multi-year plan to address additional resources needed for enrollment growth as it relates to the need for additional faculty, academic support, equipment, facilities, etc.

CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF “GLOBAL CITIZENS” BY PROVIDING LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES THAT COMPLEMENT THE FORMAL ACADEMIC PROGRAM. Develop leadership, social and recreational life-skills that extend the learning outcomes of the core curriculum.

RECOMMEND POLICIES AND PROGRAMS THAT STRENGTHEN THE ENROLLMENT, FINANCIAL AID, REGISTRATION AND ADVISING SERVICES. Focus on attracting the “right” students (seriousness of purpose) in the “right” number (build the revenue base) and the alignment and re-design of admissions, registration and advising capacities to serve that objective.

STRENGTHEN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE TO PROVIDE SECURITY AND THE COMMUNICATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITIES FOR A SEAMLESS GLOBAL CAMPUS. Upgrade and enhance the UIU data-center to achieve state of the art security for data retention and disaster protection and install voice and video teleconferencing and other communications assets that tie together the UIU global campus.

DEVELOP THE PRACTICES AND PROGRAMS TO EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE THE UIU MISSION AND VISION TO ALL CONSTITUENT STAKEHOLDERS. Introduce a program of educational services to advance the internal understandings of branding, marketing and communications; develop a comprehensive branding strategy that generates UIU awareness and effectively communicates the content and outcome benefits of this strategic plan.


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