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As the comment’s author points out, there are many perceived needs surfacing as part of this strategic planning process that represents millions of dollars worth of expenditures (see related response to Comment 2). The subcommittee wishes to point out that this is not a conclusive list, nor has there been any prioritization done to ensure the most strategic and productive use of resources. The process has not gotten that far yet. It is clear that not all additional resources needed in support of some of the strategies identified thus far have been quantified and articulated in written form. Nor are needed resources accounted for that represent strategies that have not been included thus far (see earlier related response to comment). Finally, once most of the needed resources have been accounted for, these needs will have to be prioritized within categories representing most likely sources of funding (i.e., annual operating budgets, fundraising efforts, cash reserves, grants, borrowing, etc.).

The subcommittee understands that efforts are already underway to address the need for ensuring that students have the books needed for classes in a timely fashion. The subcommittee looks forward to the recommendations to come from such efforts.

The subcommittee does not believe there is a feeling on campus or elsewhere across the University community that faculty and/or curriculum is unimportant. It is assumed that most are expecting this will be addressed and, once again, towards this end, this subcommittee urges the author of this comment and any individual representing other divisions, to submit a list of current and/or future specific resource needs known at this time, related to, and in support of, this strategic planning effort and the growth, support, and quality enhancement of academic programs, to this subcommittee at the earliest opportunity. This subcommittee will accept responsibility for ensuring that these requests are forwarded to an appropriate destination in the planning process.

Comment 11: Online Students

Thank you allowing us to comment on the Strategic Planning for UIU. My wife and I are online students pursuing degrees through UIU. This program allows both of us to obtain our degrees completely online; it would not be possible for us to do this without the UIU online program. The professors and course ware are excellent. The student advisors are top notch. We very much encourage you to keep the sixth term in the online program.

Some of the discussion in the strategic plan is on branding. May I suggest that the best way to brand the university is through your current students, faculty, and alumni. These are the people who live and breathe your mission. A huge plus for my wife recently securing a position at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN was the fact that she has UIU on her resume and that she continues online in pursuit of her BA and eventually her MBA. This is branding at its best. The comments by the management staff at Mayo were favorable of the UIU programs. I found out about the strategic plan comment by browsing the main


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