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UIU website. An easy and effective way to reach people for comment would have been to send an email via UIU emails to students and alumni. This would have allowed for more discussion in a cost effective manner. With UIU's experience in the external degree program and online courses, would you not agree that they are in position to lead the world in online academic training? This would truly enhance the university's goal of creating global citizens.

Martin and Mickey Souhrada - Grand Meadow, MN

Response to Comment: The subcommittee agrees that students, faculty and staff can play an important role in promoting and strengthening the reputation and image (branding) of a University. One can see examples of this everywhere on behalf of other institutions. The need to improve the branding and marketing efforts of the University was the motive behind the establishment of the University’s first marketing and communications department in January of 2006 (as part of the strategic plan that was in existence at the time). Since then, many improvements have been made to strengthen marketing efforts and the level of visibility of the University (through various promotions, advertising and improvements to the University website. It is believed that these improvements have played a role in the significant enrollmenth growth on the Fayette campus over the last two years.

The subcommittee will forward your comments on branding efforts to the subcommittee on branding for further consideration.

Comment 12: Agreement with many comments already made

I have to second (and third and fourth, etc.) many of the comments made here by other faculty members.


1. There is little cohesion in the current version of the strategic plan. I see some strategy that derives from the mission of the college, but it's difficult to see how many of the sections contribute to achieving that strategy. There are also several aspects that should be addressed in the plan that appear to be missing.

2. There is little, if any, planning that relates to the academic side of our future, which seems like it should be a driving force. Faculty loads (both in the classroom and administrative) are a major issue right now and should be addressed in the plan, regardless of any current work that might be in progress in that area. In particular, plans to increase enrollment should be tied to plans to increase tenure-track faculty appropriately. I would be very disappointed if this institution decides that the way to accommodate more students is by use of adjunct or part-time faculty.

3. The endowment, or lack thereof, has been an issue as long as I've been here (and long before that I suspect). Just hiring a Vice President of Development is not sufficient to


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