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ensure that this valuable resource will grow. The plan should provide a strategy that will give some direction to the person hired into that position in order to ensure that the goals are understood and that they are achieved in a way that is consistent with the mission of the college.

4. While athletics programs and facilities provide students for the residential university, they should not drive the plan nor should they consume the lion's share of resources.

I hope that the end result of the strategic planning process will be a truly strategic plan that is balanced and reflects the priorities of the entire university.

Lynn Isvik

Response to Comment: The subcommittee agrees that work still needs to be done to assure that the intended actions/activities in support of various strategies are appropriate and applicable. We further agree that the various strategies should share an appropriate relationship to each other so that the plan represents a coherent, single body of work. The committee agrees as well that there are indeed aspects of the current planning dialogue that are missing, but represent significant strategic issues that need to be presented in the planning process. For example, the University’s role in local economic development. This topic has a significant impact upon recruiting faculty, staff, and students. In the last year or so, the University has started to address this issue with several related initiatives/developments and will need to build upon its current (incipient) efforts, and yet, there is no mention of this in the current planning discussions.

The subcommittee also agrees that much more planning needs to take place regarding the resources needed to support the curriculum (faculty quality enhancement, equipment, facilities, etc - see related responses to Comments 2 and 10). A commitment has been, and remains, in place to increase tenure track faculty on the Fayette campus commensurate with increased enrollment. For example, over the last three years, six net new FTEs have been added (not including five that are teaching through the EU) and there are plans to add at least two or three more this year for the Fayette campus. There is a commitment to maintain a student-to-(full- time) faculty ratio within a range consistent with what it has been over time. As such, the committee agrees the resources needed to add additional faculty contingent on enrollment growth need to be included in the strategic plan. This subcommittee urges the author of this comment and any individual representing other divisions, to submit a list of current and/or future specific resource needs known at this time, related to, and in support of, this strategic planning effort and the growth, support, and quality enhancement of academic programs, to this subcommittee at the earliest opportunity. This subcommittee will accept responsibility for ensuring that these requests are forwarded to an appropriate destination in the planning process.

There has been no discussion of using increased numbers of adjunct or part-time faculty on the Fayette campus in a major strategic sense as a way of accommodating


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