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Definition of “Global Citizen”

Committee members: DeWayne Frazier (chair), Christopher Sanders, Gina Kuker, Jean Merkle, Linda Haines, Brian More

Executive Summary

On January 9th, 2008, a working committee with representation across all Upper Iowa University programs (RU, EU, IP), met to discuss the definition of a “global citizen”. The Committee decided there is no one acceptable definition for being a “global citizen” and the working definition as provided at the beginning of the strategic planning process would serve best. Please see the definition below this summary.

Through the efforts of the International Programs Advisory Committee (IPAC), a process of achieving global citizenry was outlined in the Fall 2007. The process was defined through five different methods. After the working committee’s meeting on January 9th, it was determined that the standards were too difficult to implement as requirements across all facets of the institutions constituencies (i.e. on-line, education, correspondence, etc). For more details on the discussion, please read the minutes of the meeting.

The majority of the working committee believed that the IPAC “global citizen” steps should be recommended and not required. The overall consensus was that global citizenry should be achieved through special projects in the senior capstone as well as integrated assignments within the general education coursework. Monies should be allotted for helping faculty receive more training in how to implement global experiences into their curriculum.


A Global Citizen is a person fully able to engage productively and effectively with the global academic, business, civic and cultural environments by possessing and demonstrating:

  • 1.

    Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • 2.

    The ability to work effectively in teams

  • 3.

    A mastery of common business technology tools

  • 4.

    The ability to analyze and solve complex problems

  • 5.

    The sensitivity and skill necessary to succeed in a culturally diverse global


6. The flexibility to accept and initiate change

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