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Comment 1: co-curricular

I am troubled by this portion of the strategic plan. I feel this is a 10-year wishlist. Will the university ever see a return on this investment and how will that be measured?

l.) Please explain why we would want to have artificial turf at the Eisheid Stadium when we hear we have the best facilities in the Conference. Once we become a winning team, perhaps there would be value in the upgrade.

2.) Most departments on campus need more support staffing. Since the early 1980's, many departments were cut to bare bones in order to keep UIU afloat. Will support staff size return to its 1970's level? If current enrollment is where it was in 1972, staffing is necessary to support this growth as a greater need across campus than what you propose. We all could shine if this were to happen.

3.) Global citizen? The first steps are to learn how to become a responsible community citizen - whether living in a barracks dormitory, suite living, or the community of Fayette. I think there should be a class on citizenship emphasizing what qualities are expected in being a good neighbor; what responsibilities are expected of living in each type of community and responsibilities of being a pet owner, for example. We would all benefit from respect, discipline, consideration of others, and involvement in the community. Let's get back to basics and build from there.

Becky Wadian

Comment 2: 03 October 2007

While I would like to “engage in a campus-wide dialog” as requested by Dr. Walker, I note that these pages are accessible to the general public.

Although we have nothing to hide, this dialogue may prove to be more dynamic and effective if taken off-line. While the general public can be privy to the process itself, would it not better serve the university to keep the content at this point within the university community?

I submit this comment with the utmost respect for our historic values and institutional heritage.


Comment 3: Technology and the future

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