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notable speakers to campus would not only benefit the students, but enhance the academic reputation of Upper Iowa University!

Sheila Miller

Comment 5: athletics facilities

I find it interesting that the most pressing need of the athletics program is not even mentioned in the wish list presented for the Department of Athletics. I believe that what athletics needs more than anything is another gym floor. Currently in the winter, up to four different teams may be competing for use of the gym at the same time: men's and women's basketball, baseball, and softball. Having only one gym floor for them to use results in practices occurring early in the morning or late at night, neither of which is conducive to students being alert in an 8:00 a.m. class. I would think this would be the number one priority for this area of the strategic plan.

We do not need artificial turf on Eischeid Field. At the time we applied for admission into the NSIC, we were told by the teams conducting site visits that we already had among the best athletics facilities in the conference. We do not need to pave the parking lots. Gravel is just fine and more environmentally friendly to boot. We do not need fencing around the baseball and softball fields. Who are we trying to keep out? We should be encouraging as many spectators as we can to attend games, not dissuading them with fences and high admission fees.

I do think the proposal to remodel the remaining dressing rooms in Dorman Gym is a necessary one.

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    Erik Olson

Comment 6: Athletics

I place great value on the co-curricular learning that occurs when students are involved in competitive athletics.

However, very few UIU student-athletes go on to careers as professional players in their competitive sports. To ensure their future success after they leave UIU, we must all be united in our support of their academic goals and achievements.

From a strategic perspective, athletics is an important component in recruiting students, especially on the Fayette campus. Many students who start at UIU as competitive athletes remain after they are no longer on the team. Is it possible to know how many of our students originally came to UIU for athletics?

As a faculty member, I need better mechanisms and institutional support for working with coaches and student-athletes. For instance, the method for excusing team members

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