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from classes for team travel is well ingrained in the system. A quick email to all faculty, and that's it. But if I need to get a student out of study table or out of practice to complete work that has been missed, I must make all of those arrangements individually. There is no institutional support for the process. I suggest one option - an Academic Practice Waiver that can be used to arrange makeup work sessions for athletes. This should be accepted by a coach as readily as faculty are expected to excuse class absences.

Taking a more long-term perspective, by using the full (seamless) range of UIU academic offerings we should be able to assist athletes in achieving their academic goals. Athletic competition and practice require synchronous physical presence -- but there are many modes of distance learning that do not. (One of the most versatile of these is the BOOK.) What if athletes' academic schedules could accommodate their travel and practice schedules? What if they took only online courses during some terms? What if they took specific general education courses as a block schedule, and perhaps their instructor(s) would travel with them? Of all the funding suggested for athletics, none of it goes toward meeting (even indirectly) the academic needs of athletes. They need specialized equipment to compete, and maybe they need specialized equipment to learn. Can students read and study on the bus? Is there appropriate lighting on the busses? Are there lap desks? Should there be laptops on the busses? Wireless connectivity at hotels? On the bus? Can course sessions be captured on video or audio? Can my lecture be downloaded to iPods? Could students on teams that start practicing in August take a course before Fall term 1 starts?

Some courses may be best taught in the face-to-face environment. Can these courses be taught on schedules that would enable any athlete in any sport to take them?

Through addressing the needs of student-athletes in managing their dual priorities, UIU would go a long way towards shaping them as global citizens (and might improve their CLA scores, too.)

Okay, enough of that. I notice that the plan to play an exhibition basketball game overseas does not mention a need for travel funding. How is that possible?

What is safer for student-athletes -- artificial turf or grass?

K. McCarville

Comment 7: Office of Career Development/Alumni

Regarding New Position #2 on page 10.

I would very much like to see UIU broaden the perspective and language surrounding students' families and family members. Many students already come from homes that do not reflect a nuclear family situation, and this is likely to be more and more interesting as we encounter cultures from outside the US where family structures may be quite different than we are used to.

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