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Co-Curricular Team Response to Public Comments


I am troubled by this portion of the strategic plan. I feel this is a 10-year wishlist. Will the university ever see a return on this investment and how will that be measured?

Response: We firmly believe that an annual review of facilities is important to stay competitive academically, athletically, in student life, for retention and for growth. We need to continually improve to attract students to the RU and the EU.

l.) Please explain why we would want to have artificial turf at the Eischeid Stadium when we hear we have the best facilities in the Conference. Once we become a winning team, perhaps there would be value in the upgrade.

Response: The artificial turf for Eischeid Stadium is needed due to factors that have changed in our recruiting area. We currently surrounded by institutions that have made a commitment to their athletics program and installed artificial turf. The lack of use and the expenditure annually that we have committed to maintain the grass turf is out weighted when one realizes that we could use the stadium for a variety of events if we did not have to protect the grass turf. We could use the stadium for not only football but also intramurals, baseball, softball and soccer practices on bad weather days as well as football practice every day.

Another important reason would be to maintain the competitive position in the recruitment of quality student athletes. We can't win or recruit to top prospective student athletes if our facility is not up to the standards we are currently recruiting against.

In conclusion, it would appear to me that if we could use Eischeid Stadium over 100 times a year as opposed to 5-6 times a year it would be cost effective for the university.

3.) Global citizen? The first steps are to learn how to become a responsible community citizen - whether living in a barracks dormitory, suite living, or the community of Fayette. I think there should be a class on citizenship emphasizing what qualities are expected in being a good neighbor; what responsibilities are expected of living in each type of community and responsibilities of being a pet owner, for example. We would all benefit from respect, discipline, consideration of others, and involvement in the community. Let's get back to basics and build from there.

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