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Response: We would agree that we need to define for the University Community what we believe a Global Citizen to be. Then we need to implement strategies to assist students in meeting our definition of a Global Citizen.

The Office of International Programs sees the need in helping codify a written statement on what makes a global citizen. In response to the feedback from the public forum, the Senior Vice President for International Programs will convene a committee representing various university constituencies to help develop a clear definition and with precise requirements. It is our hope this will help guide many parts of the strategic plan.

I appreciate the fact that UIU's technology will be upgraded in the future; however, my comments concern more immediate problems in Colgrove-Walker.

1) CW does not have central air conditioning and relies on window units in offices and a few window units in classrooms that do not work very well.

On many occasions, it has been so hot in the classrooms that students have difficulty concentrating. The students are the sole reason that we are all here and we must provide "user friendly" environments for them. Sweltering in one's own sweat does not qualify. We need to fix this problem, regardless of cost.

Response: We agree that the classrooms need to be conducive to learning just as living facilities should be a conducive learning environment in which to live.

2) Only two classrooms in CW (201 and 103) have both VCR and DVD player. All the rest except 204 and 215 have VCRs only. 204 and 215 rely on a portable VCR and TV on a cart.

VHS technology is dying quickly -- national chains such as Best Buy do not even sell pre-recorded VHS tapes any more. We need functioning DVD players installed in every classroom.

Response: This request has been addressed by Ron Crooker and the Physical Plant Maintenance Staff.

While I believe that co-curricular activities do indeed enhance the college experience, I do not agree that they should take priority over an academic building on the Fayette campus that is in need of a total renovation (Colgrove-Walker), if not a complete re- build.

Response: We believe we should look at all needs and prioritize based on how we can best utilize all our facilities while we build to replace those with the greatest need. Can classes be held in other buildings and at other times? We have to realize that co-curricular activities or lack there of influence retention. Spaces that can accommodate the number of students on campus are in limited supply.

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