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and provide one on one interview with all student athletes during the academic year to evaluate their progress toward a degree and current academic status.

The NSIC funds a two day seminar for all student athletes on campus that deals with life after athletics. Career planning as well as career searching is emphasized in this program.

From a strategic perspective, athletics is an important component in recruiting students, especially on the Fayette campus. Many students who start at UIU as competitive athletes remain after they are no longer on the team. Is it possible to know how many of our students originally came to UIU for athletics?

Response: Last year in addition to the 347 student athletes, there were an additional 67 students who where no longer participating in intercollegiate athletics but were still enrolled on the residential campus.

That makes the total 414 students recruited by athletics who are currently enrolled.

As a faculty member, I need better mechanisms and institutional support for working with coaches and student-athletes. For instance, the method for excusing team members from classes for team travel is well ingrained in the system. A quick email to all faculty, and that's it. But if I need to get a student out of study table or out of practice to complete work that has been missed, I must make all of those arrangements individually. There is no institutional support for the process. I suggest one option - an Academic Practice Waiver that can be used to arrange makeup work sessions for athletes. This should be accepted by a coach as readily as faculty are expected to excuse class absences.

Response: That is certainly something that can be discussed. The call to a coach regarding a student should work in most cases. If that does not work the instructor should contact Gil Cloud or Kent McElvania for assistance. If we are not aware of the problem, we can not solve the problem.

We are proposing for the fall of 2008 that a three prong attack on the communication situation be used. (1)We will continue to post the travel plans of all teams on the athletics web site, (2) we will have each student athlete take a written document to each instructor, to be read and signed by the instructor with comments concerning the number of excused missed classes the schedule will has and (3) the five day notice will still be sent from the assistant athletics director for internal affairs to each instructor.

Taking a more long-term perspective, by using the full (seamless) range of UIU academic offerings we should be able to assist athletes in achieving their academic goals. Athletic competition and practice require synchronous physical presence -- but there are many modes of distance learning that do not. (One of the most versatile of these is the BOOK.) What if athletes' academic schedules could accommodate their travel and practice schedules? What if they took only online courses during some terms? What if they took

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