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Foot lock is the most common cause of ankle and knee injuries. The new artificial products today have almost eliminated this one most critical factor in the protection of the student athlete.

Office of Career Development/Alumni Regarding New Position #2 on page 10.

I would very much like to see UIU broaden the perspective and language surrounding students' families and family members. Many students already come from homes that do not reflect a nuclear family situation, and this is likely to be more and more interesting as we encounter cultures from outside the US where family structures may be quite different than we are used to.

Taking a global perspective requires attention to language and assumptions like this. Another example is "First name, Last name" -- we might need to consider terms like "Family name" and "Given name" on forms and etc.

We should probably be using the term "family" instead of "parent" almost all the time.

Most of us can use some training/development in this area. Do we have experts internally that we can leverage?

Response: We believe we have worked hard to use the term “family” in our literature and programming in the Office of Student Development and the Office of International Program in particular. We would encourage continued training and educational programming for the entire University community on this topic.

New Position #1 - Career Development

Could this person be housed/officed at an EU center or even (gasp) overseas?

Response: Before we made a decision on where to have this person we would need to determine where the greatest need existed. Once the need was assessed, location could be determined on cost effectiveness.

What are the qualifications? U.S. citizen? Or global citizen?

Response: Qualifications would be based on understanding both US & International job markets and skills needed to positions in those markets.

Outside speakers

I support increasing the funding to bring external speakers to UIU locations (as Sheila Miller suggested). It's important to open up to new ideas and new people.

But I also know that within UIU (RU, EU, International) there are some dynamic and interesting speakers. These include students, faculty and staff who are doing all kinds of

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