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Comment 5: The Library

Others have noted the general lack of support to aid our academic programs as well as curricular support programs. As far as I know, no one has yet asked where the Library fits into all of this. Our recent efforts to unify the university and to proceed towards a flat global campus so far seem to have not included the Library. Under the new model where the Library provides curricular support for the entire university, funding, staffing and technology issues are all going to have to be examined.

Jeff Butikofer, Chair, Library Committee

Comment 6: Curricular Policy and Programs

This area should be at the heart of the strategic planning process. This is our CORE BUSINESS. It is what we do. It is what we are.

If we are serious, there is substantive work to be done in this area. That work needs to be underway before the other areas can advance too far -- because they must support the academic achievement of students. I think it will take more than an AQIP team to study and revise the majors and graduate programs to inculcate the mission across the university's academic offerings. It will take EVERYONE. Plus some people that don't even work here yet. (And maybe a few consultants -- but use them carefully, as they get to go home and do not have to live the future at UIU.)

Other portions of the strategic planning team provided at least wish lists that demonstrate they anticipate costs associated with changes to fulfill the mission. UIU must invest in its academic infrastructure (faculty, support staff, the library (collections, journals, informatics), and instrumentation and specialized equipment, among other things). I fear that if we wait too long to speculate on the costs of development, change and enhancements in curriculum, it may be assumed that there are no additional costs anticipated. This would be a grave mistake.

K. McCarville


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