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Enrollment, Financial Aid, Registration and Advising

Team members: Jobyna Johnston, chair, Janet Kehe, Stacia Greve, Shon Bruns, Laura VanSickle, Wade Whitcher, Mike Woodson, Shari Robertson, Heath Grimm.

There are 4 programmatic priorities that must be addressed under this area. The priorities are listed below and have listed related issues that need to be considered when looking at each priority. Timelines, actions assignments and resource requirements are also listed.

Programmatic priorities


A comprehensive enrollment plan that has been developed with the assistance of Noel Levitz must be utilized to grow the enrollment at the RU of non-athletic students.

  • The process of buying names needs to be reviewed and reorganized. The names are not being purchased in a timely fashion and the criteria for selection are not being determined systematically.

  • The mail flow for student inquiries was recently reviewed and adjusted for consistency.

  • Admissions counselors must receive thorough training on campus visit and phone call procedures. They must also be allowed to participate in professional development opportunities.

  • New prospect markets need to be developed with the assistance of MarCom.


Implementation of 1-3 years

Action Assignment:

The admissions office must be responsible.

Resource requirements:

Professional development funds that currently exist must

be utilized for that purpose and budgetary maintenance must be a priority to allow for

purchasing of names in the necessary time frame.

  • 2.

    The RU and the EU have different admissions applications and acceptance policies in place. To have seamless movement of students from one modality to another, the application and the process need to be one in the same.

    • We recommend that key personnel audit all applications available to attend any area of UIU and a single application be created for both EU and RU.

    • We recommend that the acceptance policies be reviewed and a single policy be recommended for both EU and RU.


Implementation of 1-3 years

Action Assignment:

The admissions office will take the lead with assistance from key

EU personnel. Resource requirements:

No additional resources necessary


The Drop/Add period for the EU and RU needs to be reviewed. Students are allowed three days into the term to Add classes but are allowed to drop

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