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  • 6.

    Life schedules of faculty and students and differences in academic calendars across modalities present barriers to faculty and student exchange programs.

    • The items listed below need to be examined to determine ways of enhancing the feasibility of student and faculty exchange programs.

        • i.

          Mini-terms may be an option.

        • ii.

          An required exchange clause could be included in contracts for new faculty.

      • iii.

        Audio/Video conferencing could be explored as an option for generating contact among different locations without relocating participants.

      • iv.

        Visa barriers must be examined.

        • v.

          Pay scale differences for faculty must be considered and addressed.

Timeline: Implementation time of 1-3 years Action Assignment: The Senior Vice President for International Programs will appoint a committee to examine these issues and implement an exchange program. Resource requirements: There will be personnel time, travel, housing and food costs.

Personnel TBD Travel TBD Communications TBD

There are four sets of policies related to the recommended programmatic priorities that will need to be examined, taken into account, and in some cases, changed or eliminated to accomplish the previous programmatic priorities.

Policy Issues

  • 1.

    There are both external and internal financial aid eligibility issues and policies that need to be considered.

  • 2.

    The University’s ability to align financial aid eligibility is restricted by state and federal guidelines and regulations.

    • External/Internal – There is flexibility in setting internal guidelines as long as

they fit within federal regulations.

    • Internal – The cost of attendance budget is determined by the University.

  • 3.

    There are internal policies and procedures that need to be modified, eliminated when possible, or simplified to enhance seamless movement. e.g. multiple applications for admission, enrollment qualifications, center approval form, center enrollment form, lack of established procedures to move students across modalities

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