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Seamless Movement Team Response to Public Comments

Team Members: Dr. Suzanne James (chair), Dr. Tim Hunt, Dr. Mari Molseed, Redmond Humphrey, Pamela Humphrey, Holly Streeter, Jeanne Barness, Kathy Wenthold

Comment: Examination of Academic Calendars

“UIU has a rich array of options for course modalities, and this richness is increasing (e.g. videoconferencing among sites). Rather than concentrating on making all calendars match, perhaps there is a way to have subject matter, credit count, and delivery mechanism fit with various calendar options. Some courses may require the elapsed time of a 16-week semester, while others fit comfortably in the one-week IEXL summer format. Does one size really have to fit all?”

Team Response: We agree with this comment. Our proposal does state that we feel this is an area that needs to be examined further, and that the various academic calendars should be examined to determine if and where they can be aligned. We feel these comments do need to be taken into account when examining academic calendars.

“Additionally, as we become a global organization, we will be coordinating across time zones, nations, and diverse cultures. There are significant differences across these divisions, and it is not trivial to bridge them. Student and faculty input across the UIU divisions will be needed to invent ways to overcome these differences. I also suggest we might look at larger international corporations (Microsoft springs to mind…) that have already encountered these differences and probably made strides toward addressing them.”

Team Response: We agree that all of these issues present a challenge when offering education to a diverse group of students. These comments will need to be taken into account when exploring obstacles. We may find that some of the obstacles mentioned are true obstacles while others are self-imposed. We may also find that some barriers can be overcome while others cannot.

Action: Led by the Senior Vice President for International Programs, we should examine like organizations that have already been through this process and use them to benchmark best practices. We recommend looking at other universities rather than corporations.

Comment: Accounting for ROI

“In reference to #4 on Page 3 – it may also be advisable to be able to calculate for ROI for “clusters” of majors. There are some disciplines that must be represented in the

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