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curriculum for certain majors – but there may be no corresponding major or the major is not high in demand. Nonetheless, the service courses must be provided and so the marginal cost of some majors is quite low.”

Team Response: We agree with these comments. We have also taken into consideration the idea of clusters of majors. We suggest developing best practices for ROI as well as assembling a team led by the Senior Vice President for Business Services to explore activity-based accounting to remove current pressures on individual operating units for specific annual financial outcomes.

Comment: Faculty and Student Exchange Programs

“The item notes that differences in calendars and life schedules present barriers. They may also present opportunities…

One way to overcome short term scheduling differences is to use a longer period as the basis for exchanges – six months or a year.”

Team Response: The committee has discussed this public comment, and we suggest an alternative viewpoint. Although it may solve some of the issues regarding academic calendars, it does not take into account the person-related barriers we have identified. Many domestic as well as international full-time and adjunct faculty members have family schedules to work around, and most adjunct instructors have full-time jobs as well. Six month or one year appointments do not fit into the majority of life schedules.

“Audio-video conferencing across widely separated time zones is possible. There are sometimes very narrow time slots when participants can reasonably be expected to be available. It has been my experience that the most effective uses of audio-video conferencing are among people who have already met face-to-face.”

Team Response: We agree that audio-video conferencing is worthy of exploration. We also feel that this becomes a burden for individuals teaching or learning in time zones far apart. The balance between the two will need consideration when explored.

“Pay scale differences are noted in the plan document. Workload expectations are likely to be at least as significant as pay-related differences, and potentially more difficult to solve. Solving pay scale differences requires primarily money, adjustment of workload expectations is not trivial.”

Team Response: We agree with the observation that workload expectations are significant, and should be examined along with pay-related issues.

Action: The original recommendation was for the Senior Vice President for International Programs to examine this issue. We also believe that appropriate

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