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Comment 1: Definition of "Global Citizen"

Would you please share the definition/interpretation/perception of GLOBAL CITIZEN that the committee, campus constituents, and the Board of Trustees applied to develop and finalize UIU's vision statement?

I am asking so that I might better understand the overarching goal while reviewing the committees' recommendations.

Thanks much, Deena Serra

Comment 2: Confusion

I must admit to being somewhat confused after reading the reports on strategic planning. There is a definite lack of cohesion. I can grasp the ideas of producing global citizens and developing a seamless university. From there, I can follow the reports from the seamless subcommittee and the admissions subcommittee, and understand how they fit in with one of these goals. The other reports just do not seem to fit. Particularly the co-curricular report, which is more wish list than strategic plan. This leads to me my next point, which is why did some units produce a wish list, while others did not. I am sure all faculty will point out the fact that the strategic plan is asking for millions of dollars for athletics and student development, while there are zero resources devoted to faculty and academics. In fact, there are very few words, much less resources, devoted to producing global citizens. It is hard to view the strategic plan as flowing from the vision and mission, since most of the spending in the plan does not. I am willing to consider that the problem here is me. I had different expectations regarding the strategic planning process. If no one shares those same expectations then the problem is definitely me. I expected the strategic plan to produce specific goals, and then a strategy to achieve those goals. Producing a seamless university is one example. The reason I like that part of the plan is because it identifies a goal and then maps out a strategy to achieve that goal. That strikes me as being strategic. I can see where there would be problems in following this process with respect to producing global citizens, because I find that idea very nebulous. Perhaps if it included specific statements about exactly “what is a global citizen”, then a strategy could be mapped out to meet that goal. Perhaps a part of strategic planning should have been devoted to developing a description of a global citizen that has some meat to it (maybe this has happened and I am not aware of it). Here is a specific example of what I expected the strategic plan to accomplish. Perhaps we have a goal to increase enrollment on the Fayette campus to 1200. The strategic plan then would provide a roadmap to achieve that goal. For example, how many faculty would we need? Would we need an additional academic building? What would we need as far as additional residence halls? What would we need with respect to dining facilities? Student development's requests would

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