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games)? 3) Normal growth: I assume we want to grow. Well folks, we are at the enrollment when I first arrived here. We had 61 faculty!! That’s right 61. Now hold on Nigel and Division Chairs, before you start calculating where to add, the next year we had 44. My point is, If we grow, it means growth in faculty; maybe not 61, but how close? Add that, the attendant expenses, and other needs of the infrastructure and you’re 40 million may be more like 50-70 million. Could we be dreaming? That’s not bad. However, who gets goods, and who gets zilch? And, how do we decide these things? Pistol Duel? (Hey, we once picked a Vice President of the US that way). What I see in this plan is not a plan; they are more like position papers. Put them together, and what we see is, WE NEED A PLAN! A plan has goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. There is a little of this in the position papers; but what we really have is a lot of wishes; and we can’t get them all done. Which ones best fit into our plan? Which are objectives, which are strategies, which are tactics, and which ones do not fit the plan? We cannot tell these things because there really is no plan here. On a side note, I believe in global citizenship; I doubt it is a goal. Goals are concrete and measurable. What is a global citizen? Is it even definable? I say in classes that other cultures are different; not bad, just different. It may not be right, but the Arab terrorist truly believes he is a good global citizen because he is willing to die to make the globe a better place to live! And, you may remember, our center in Malaysia is in an Islamic state! “Shindler’s List” was banned! There is also polygamy, and other practices we do not condone.

If global citizen means being able to understand and live with this, will we get in trouble with things like the Patriot Act, for instance? Be sued by extreme conservatives, Christians, etc? I think we need to prepare people for the idea it is a Global village. I’m not sure that is the same thing as a global citizen.

Mind you, I’m not disagreeing with the five principal components of the steering committee; however, how do we define and translate into goals?

Jerry (One step closer to retirment) Wadian

Comment 4: 03 October 2007

While I would like to “engage in a campus-wide dialog” as requested by Dr. Walker, I note that these pages are accessible to the general public.

Although we have nothing to hide, this dialogue may prove to be more dynamic and effective if taken off-line. While the general public can be privy to the process itself, would it not better serve the university to keep the content at this point within the university community?

I submit this comment with the utmost respect for our historic values and institutional heritage.


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