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students in support of our academic mission and I do not see that articulated in the current version of the strategic plan.

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    Erik Olson

Comment 11: Online Students

Thank you allowing us to comment on the Strategic Planning for UIU. My wife and I are online students pursuing degrees through UIU. This program allows both of us to obtain our degrees completely online; it would not be possible for us to do this without the UIU online program. The professors and course ware are excellent. The student advisors are top notch. We very much encourage you to keep the sixth term in the online program.

Some of the discussion in the strategic plan is on branding. May I suggest that the best way to brand the university is through your current students, faculty, and alumni. These are the people who live and breathe your mission. A huge plus for my wife recently securing a position at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN was the fact that she has UIU on her resume and that she continues online in pursuit of her BA and eventually her MBA. This is branding at its best. The comments by the management staff at Mayo were favorable of the UIU programs. I found out about the strategic plan comment by browsing the main UIU website. An easy and effective way to reach people for comment would have been to send an email via UIU emails to students and alumni. This would have allowed for more discussion in a cost effective manner. With UIU's experience in the external degree program and online courses, would you not agree that they are in position to lead the world in online academic training? This would truly enhance the university's goal of creating global citizens.

Martin and Mickey Souhrada - Grand Meadow, MN

Comment 12: Agreement with many comments already made

I have to second (and third and fourth, etc.) many of the comments made here by other faculty members.


1. There is little cohesion in the current version of the strategic plan. I see some strategy that derives from the mission of the college, but it's difficult to see how many of the sections contribute to achieving that strategy. There are also several aspects that should be addressed in the plan that appear to be missing.

2. There is little, if any, planning that relates to the academic side of our future, which seems like it should be a driving force. Faculty loads (both in the classroom and administrative) are a major issue right now and should be addressed in the plan, regardless of any current work that might be in progress in that area. In particular, plans to increase enrollment should be tied to plans to increase tenure-track faculty

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