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Arts, the acquisition and installation of the new Jenzabar portal system, and other capital improvements of a one-time nature). Operation of the centers (like other operating units that make up the EU) is part of the EU annual operating budget. Having completed the construction and opening of these two new centers, I am certain the Board of Trustees will undertake a review of the level of time, commitment, and investment involved, as well as the relationship a commitment to continue to add two centers each year has to the current strategic thinking.

As the comment’s author points out, there are many perceived needs surfacing as part of this strategic planning process that represents millions of dollars worth of expenditures. The subcommittee wishes to point out that this is not a conclusive list, nor has there been any prioritization done to ensure the most strategic and productive use of resources. The process has not gotten that far yet. It is clear that not all additional resources needed in support of some of the strategies identified thus far have been quantified and articulated in written form. Nor are needed resources accounted for that represent strategies that have not been included thus far (see related response to Comment 10 and 12 ). Finally, once most of the needed resources have been accounted for, these needs will have to be prioritized within categories representing most likely sources of funding (i.e., annual operating budgets, fundraising efforts, cash reserves, grants, borrowing, etc.). The subcommittee strongly agrees that the allocation of resources should be tied to a strategic plan (as they generally have been over the last several years).

Comment 3: Some thoughts on the process

Anyone remember the movie Casablanca? The scene where the French police chief is pocketing his share of the take in Rick’s gambling parlor, as he says, loudly, “I’m shocked and appalled that there is gambling going on here.” Well, I’m shocked and appalled.” First, not only do I have to agree with Rick Klann’s long missive; I also have to agree with my wife. What next? The administration? I’m also shocked and appalled that Klann and I are shocked and appalled by a $40 million dollar wish list, that doesn’t include academics. And $40 million is not the price tag, there are “extra’s.” 1) Salaries: those are EVERY YEAR. Thus, for instance, Marcom’s new person is $35,000; add benefits! That is another $12,000, for a total of 47,000, plus the $15,000 for expenses, for a total of $64,000 a year. Over the three years of the discussion about branding, the cost is not $137,500; it’s more like $265,500, if you consider that new position over the final two years of the process. 2) Infrastructural extras: Salaries mean people; people need things, like office space, furniture, computers, phones, etc. Also there may be other hiddens. Take the football field, what events will we attract? They have to be in the daylight! HS games are at night! We’re not taking the final games away from the UNI- Dome! Is the next thing, lights? Or even for the baseball field (where we could get HS games)? 3) Normal growth: I assume we want to grow. Well folks, we are at the enrollment when I first arrived here. We had 61 faculty!! That’s right 61. Now hold on Nigel and Division Chairs, before you start calculating where to add, the next year we


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