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during a more formative stage of strategic thinking (albeit, perhaps this point was not sufficiently emphasized). Accordingly, the subcommittee acknowledges the degree to which certain intentions and ideas contained herein need to be further detailed, articulated, and evaluated.

In addition, once the primary strategies have been identified, a strategic plan must be supported by the development of more detailed annual operational plans that identify specific actions to be undertaken (objectives), performance indicators, baseline data, identification of individuals responsible for carrying out the activities, etc. within the major operating units of the University. The University actually began using this process in support of the most recent strategic plan developed in 2004. The development of annual operating plans as described here has been a practice in place at the Vice President’s level for the last two years.

The author’s points are well-taken regarding part four (section on Enrollment) related to advising. The subcommittee recommends further review and consideration of this by the subcommittee on Enrollment. The subcommittee also accepts the suggestion that as the final representation of a strategic plan be consistent in form and content to the greatest extent possible.

Comment 6: General comments

I am most impressed with the reports from the Strategic Plan teams; they show a deep appreciation for the need of Upper Iowa University to move forward aggressively into the future. I believe the Youtube video "Did You Know" was very appropriate in light of this overall discussion of the future of Upper Iowa University. We must be looking 5 and 10 years ahead in order to keep up with the rapid changes that are taking place, and the Global Citizen approach is going to be way that we take UIU into the future. I would urge the University to create an ongoing task force to identify trends that will be impacting us (and the world community that we are a part of) 5 and 10 years in the future so that we can adapt and create majors and processes and modalities that will keep us on the cutting edge rather than lagging behind other institutions. Having seen the AQIP and strategic planning processes at close range at another institution similar to UIU, I know the importance of such forwarding thinking. I suspect if we are not nimble enough to adapt quickly to emerging trends, we will be unable to meet the needs of the students of the future. I understand that some of the recommendations and observations of the teams may seem, at first glance, to be too aggressive or not realistic, however we need to engage as a community in active discussion and analysis of these points in order to move forward with a strong consensus.

Marshall Whitlock

Response to Comment: The subcommittee agrees with the major points made in this comment, in particular, the need to recognize that strategic planning is an on-going


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