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KS5 English

International Baccalaureate: English Literature A (New Specication)

Course tutor: Dermot Gilvary Thursday 9th June Course no: 881. £225.

Why should you attend? The International Baccalaureate has created a set of new language specications, which will be taught in schools from September 2011 and examined for the first time in May 2013. English Literature A will replace the existing English A1 course.This course will give a detailed overview of the content of the new specication, its forms of assessment and its pedagogical background.You will have the opportunity to ask questions of an experienced leader and to share ideas with fellow teaching professionals.

What will the course cover?

  • Differences between the old English A1 specification and the new English Literature A specification.

  • Aims and objectives of each part.

  • Oral and written assessments.

  • Literature inTranslation.

  • Choices of texts, course management and sequencing.

  • Considerations for Higher Level and Standard Level candidates and native and non-native speakers.

Dermot Gilvary has taught at Oakham Schoo , Rutlan , for many years and has contributed to the development of the International Baccalaureate there. He is involved in examining and teacher training for the IB in Europe and North America. He is currently editing “Dangerous Edges of Graham Greene ,” a collection of essays to be published by Continuum (New ork) in 2011.

examination, as well as a chance to explore critical and contextual material on the poetry both at an adult level and in thinking about how to use it with students.

What will the course cover?

  • Getting to grips with the poetry at an adult level and developing your own subject knowledge.

  • Practical creative and critical classroom approaches.

  • Critical material to inform your own thinking and use and adapt for classroom use.

  • Ways of developing students’engagement, confidence and skills in approaching close reading.

  • How to help students to reach the highest grades in their writing.

Essential Knowledge for A Level Language Teachers

Course tutor: Alison Ross Tuesday 21st June Course no: 884. £225.

Why should you attend? A Level Language specifications aim to develop students’awareness of how language works.This‘crash’course will demystify the terminology, concepts and skills that teachers and their students need to achieve this aim. Activities will demonstrate how intuitive understanding of these concepts – phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics – can be harnessed and introduce a manageable set of key terminology for each.Teachers will take away a range of materials (spoken, electronic and written data) and engaging classroom activities. Each session will include ways to apply what has been learned to textual analysis.

New OCR A Level Literature Poetry: Emily Dickinson

Course tutors: Barbara Bleiman & Lucy Webster Monday 13th June Course no: 882. £225.

Why should you attend? January 2012 will see the first examination of new poetry texts for OCR Unit 1.This course is about teaching Emily Dickinson, whose poetry is likely to be a popular choice among the new set poets. There will be a strong emphasis on close reading skills for the

What will the course cover?

  • Phonology: how to teach IPA (the symbols of the International Phonemic Alphabet).

  • Syntax: the 4‘keys’that lead to understanding of all grammatical concepts.

  • Semantics: developing concepts of connotation and metaphor.

  • Pragmatics: focussing on what the speaker means in practice.

Alison Ross has been a senior examiner and moderator for leading exam boards, involved in preparation of exam and training materials. She has written ‘Language Knowledge for Secondary eachers’ and several textbooks for A Level Language & Literature.


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