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KS5 English

The Road at A Level for AQA B, Unit 1

Course tutors: Barbara Bleiman & Lucy Webster Tuesday 28th June Course no: 887. £245. Fee includes a copy of our forthcoming study guide on The Road (usual price £40).

will also take away some invaluable resources for your classroom teaching: Mathilda Speaking DVD;Technonanny audio recordings & transcripts (in addition to those already available onTeachit).

What will the course cover?

  • Some‘big’ideas to motivate students’exploration of child

Why should you attend? In January 2012 new texts for AQA B Unit 1 Studying Narrative will be examined for the rst time. The Road, already a popular coursework text on other specications, is an excellent choice of text for the study of narrative.This course will draw on material from our DVD publication (due out at the beginning of June), providing approaches to the text for A Level. If you are following a specification other than AQA B, please contact Barbara or Lucy at the Centre to discuss how far the course would meet your needs.

What will the course cover?

  • A chance to talk about the text at an adult level.

  • Critical and creative strategies for teaching about language,

language development.

  • An overview of key concepts in the study of CLA.

  • A framework for approaching the analysis of exam data.

  • Discussion and analysis of examples of children speaking (video

and audio recordings with transcripts).

  • Discussion and analysis of examples of children’s writing.

For Alison Ross’s details, please see Essential Language Knowledge for A Level eachers, uesday 21st June.

Teaching Mr Pip at GCSE and A Level

Course tutors: Barbara Bleiman & Lucy Webster Thursday 14th July Course no: 892. £225.

structure and form.

  • Ways of putting the text in its wider generic and literary context, as an example of post-apocalyptic ction.

  • Critical material to support you and your students.

  • Ideas for wider reading, if you’re teaching the text for coursework.

  • Resources that draw on our forthcoming publication, our video interview with Professor Adam Roberts of Royal Holloway, and a selection of other useful web-based resources.

Child Language Acquisition at A Level

Course tutor: Alison Ross (aka Technonanny) Wednesday 6th July Course no: 889. £235. Fee includes a copy of our DVD publication Mathilda Speaking (usual price £24.95).

Why should you attend? All A Level Language specifications include the study of Child Language Acquisition (CLA). It is a fascinating topic that can motivate students, but teachers need to nd a path through the theories and research.This course will focus on a range of lively examples illustrating the development of children’s speech and writing. It will show how students can apply their own wealth of experience to data in the exam, drawing on a few key concepts and theories.You

Why should you attend? This is a new set text for AQA GCSE and a popular coursework text at A Level.The course will explore the text itself, its themes, features and contexts, as well as oering practical approaches to engage students and help them get to grips with its fascinating but complex qualities.You will go away having had a chance to think about how best to approach the text in the classroom, in ways that meet the needs of your students and the requirements of your specication.

What will the course cover?

  • A chance to think about the challenging aspects of the text and how to make these pleasurable for students.

  • Classroom strategies and resources to support your teaching.

  • Critical material to inform your own teaching and adapt for use with students.

  • A way of dealing with the contextual knowledge that students may need to get the most out of the text, whether literary, cultural or historical.

  • Ways of ensuring that students of different ages and abilities are supported in their reading and writing about the text. (This may involve dividing into A Level and GCSE workshops, depending on the composition of the group.)


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