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To make a new playlist on iPod nano: 1 Select iPod nano in the iTunes Source list and click the Add (+) button.

2 Drag songs to the new playlist.

To modify a playlist on iPod nano: m Drag a song to a playlist on iPod nano to add the song. Select a song in a playlist and press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the song.

Downloading Podcasts You can download podcasts to your iPod nano, or you can set iPod nano to automatically update all podcasts or selected podcasts.

To download podcasts: 1 Select iPod nano in the iTunes Source list and click the Options button.

2 Click Podcasts and select one of the following options:


Do This

Update all podcasts automatically

Select “Automatically update all podcasts” and choose an option from the Update pop-up menu (for example,“Only most recent episode”).

When you click OK, iTunes updates the iPod nano podcast library to

match the podcasts on your computer's podcast library.

Update selected podcasts automatically

Select “Automatically update selected podcasts only,” check the boxes next to the podcasts you want to update, and choose an update option from the pop-up menu.

When you click OK, iTunes downloads updates of your selected podcasts from the podcast library on your computer to the iPod nano podcast library.

Limit the number of episodes automatically updated on iPod nano

Select one of the automatic update options and then choose an option from the pop-up menu:“All episodes,”“Only checked episodes,”“Only most recent episode,” or “Only unplayed episodes.”

Download podcasts manually

Select “Do not update podcasts” and then click OK.

In iTunes, drag the latest episodes of shows from the Podcasts playlist to your iPod nano.

When you drag podcasts from iTunes to your iPod nano, they appear in the main library on iPod nano and not under the Podcasts menu.

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