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2 Drag image files from the Photos folder on iPod nano to the desktop or to a photo editing application on the computer.

Note: You can also use a photo editing application, such as iPhoto, to import photos stored in the Photos folder.

Viewing Photos and Other Images

You can view album artwork when you listen to a song and view photos on iPod nano.

Viewing Photos on iPod nano

To view photos on iPod nano: 1 On iPod nano, choose Photos > Photo Library. Or choose Photos and a photo album to see only the photos in the album. Photos might take a moment to appear.

2 Select the photo you want and press the Center button to view a full-screen version.

From any photo-viewing screen, use the Click Wheel to scroll through photos. Use the Next/Fast-forward and Previous/Rewind buttons to skip to the next or previous screen of photos.

Viewing Slideshows You can view a slideshow, with music and transitions if you choose, on iPod nano.

To set slideshow settings: m Choose Photos > Slideshow Settings, and then follow the instructions below:

To Set

Do This

The length of time each slide is displayed before advancing

Choose Time Per Slide and pick a time.

The music that plays during slideshows

Choose Music and choose a playlist. If you’re using iPhoto, you can choose From iPhoto to copy the iPhoto music setting. Only the songs that you have downloaded to iPod nano play.

Slides to repeat

Set Repeat to On. Set Shuffle Photos to On.

Slides to display in random order

Slides to display with transitions

Choose Transitions and choose a transition type.

To view a slideshow on iPod nano: m Select any photo, album, or roll and press Play. Or select any full-screen photo and press the Center button. To pause the music and the slideshow, press the Play/Pause button. To skip to the next or previous photo manually, press the Next/Fast-forward or Previous/Rewind button.

Chapter 3

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