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To set a combination for iPod nano: 1 Choose Extras > Screen Lock > Set Combination.

2 On the Set Code screen, enter a combination:

 Use the Click Wheel to select the first number. You can also use the Previous/Rewind and Next/Fast-forward buttons to select a number. Press the Center button to confirm your choice.

 Use the same method to set the remaining digits of the code.

When you finish, you return to the Screen Lock screen.

After a combination is set, you see it when you return to the Set Code screen. Or you can choose Extras > Screen Lock > Turn Lock On to view your code. This way, if you forget your code, you can quickly retrieve it.

To lock your iPod nano screen: m Choose Extras > Screen Lock > Turn Lock On > Lock.

If you just finished setting your code, Lock will already be selected on the screen. Just press the Center button to lock iPod nano.

Tip: You might want to add the Screen Lock menu item to your main menu so that you can quickly lock your iPod nano screen. See “Adding or Removing Items From the Main Menu” on page 8.

You can unlock your iPod nano in two ways: Â Enter the combination on iPod nano by using the Click Wheel or the Previous/ Rewind and Next/Fast-forward buttons to select the numbers and then pressing the Center button to confirm them. If you enter the combination incorrectly, the digits flash red. Try again.

 Connect iPod nano to the primary computer you use it with, and iPod nano automatically unlocks. You can reuse the same combination the next time you want to lock iPod nano.

Note: If you try these solutions and you still can’t unlock iPod nano, you can restore iPod nano. See “Updating and Restoring iPod Software” on page 47 for more information.

Importing Contacts, Calendars, and To-Do Lists

Your iPod nano can store contacts, calendar events, and to-do lists for viewing on the go.

If you are using Mac OS X v10.4 or later, you can use iTunes to synchronize your Address Book contacts and iCal calendar information. If you are running any version of Mac OS X earlier than 10.4, you use a Mac and iSync to update your information. Synchronizing information using iSync requires iSync 1.1 or later, and iCal 1.0.1 or later.

Chapter 4

Extra Features and Accessories


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