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If you want to disconnect iPod nano, but you see the message “Do not disconnect” Â If iPod nano is downloading music, wait for the download to complete.

 Select iPod nano in the iTunes Source list and click the Eject button.

 If iPod nano disappears from the iTunes Source list, but you still see the “Do not disconnect” message on the iPod nano screen, disconnect iPod nano.

 If iPod nano doesn’t disappear from the iTunes Source list, drag the iPod nano icon from the desktop to the Trash (if you’re using a Mac) or click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray and select your iPod nano (if you’re using a Windows PC). If you still see the “Do not disconnect” message, restart your computer and eject iPod nano again.

If your iPod nano isn’t playing music  Make sure the Hold switch is off.

 Make sure the headphones connector is pushed in all the way.  Make sure the volume is adjusted properly.  If that doesn’t work, press the Play/Pause button. Your iPod nano might be paused.

 Make sure you are using iTunes 4.9 or later (included on the iPod nano CD or go to www.apple.com/itunes). Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store using earlier versions of iTunes won’t play on iPod nano until you upgrade iTunes and download the songs.

 If you’re using the iPod nano Dock, make sure the iPod nano is seated firmly in the Dock and make sure all cables are connected properly.

 If you are using the Dock Line Out port, make sure your external speakers or stereo are turned on and working properly.

If you connect iPod nano to your computer and nothing happens  Make sure you have installed the software from the iPod CD.

 Try connecting to a different USB 2.0 port on your computer.

 Make sure you have the required computer and software. See “If you want to double- check the system requirements” on page 46.

 Your iPod nano might need to be reset (see page 43).

 Check the cable connections. Unplug the cable at both ends and make sure no foreign objects are in the USB ports. Then plug the cable back in securely. Make sure the connectors on the cables are oriented correctly. They can be inserted only one way.

 If you’re connecting iPod nano to a portable or laptop computer using the iPod Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable, connect the computer to a power outlet before connecting iPod nano.

 If that doesn’t work, restart your computer.

Chapter 5

Tips and Troubleshooting

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