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Ramsey County Children’s Services Review Panel Activities (continued)

  • Ongoing activities of panel members include:

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      Providing citizen input into Administrative Reviews one to two times per month.

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        Participation of the chair and vice chair in quarterly meetings of the Minnesota CRP Steering Committee and monthly meetings of the Ramsey County Citizens Advisory Council.

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        Receiving updates from Ramsey County Human Services staff on the Program Improvement Plans.

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        Monitoring Ramsey County’s work to address the disparity of the numbers of families and children of color involved in the child protection system. Panel members watched and discussed the PBS series, Race: the Power of an Illusion.

The panel found it most helpful when there was participation of one member of the RCHSD child protection staff who could stay as a continuing liaison to our group rather than the intermittent and changing participation we have seen throughout the last few years. It's much harder to get a system changed if the players who can make these decisions keep changing. We are hoping to have a consistent child protection staff liaison assigned to the Children’s Services Review Panel.

Recommendations of the Ramsey County Children’s Services Review Panel

  • Both Child Protection and Guardianship/Adoption unit managers prepare quarterly written updates of progress toward goals set forth in the Program Improvements Plans (PIP) and e-mail the reports to the Program Improvement Plan Committee. (Quarterly updates due by: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.) The committee will report to the Panel.

  • Ramsey County should actively lobby state government to increase federal and/or state funding for child welfare in Minnesota.

  • Case plans in Ramsey County should mandate education planning and referral for all three to five year olds.

  • No child shall leave the child welfare system of care without a permanent connection with a caring adult and that Ramsey County should mandate that all children aging out of the system have at least one caring, positive adult identified in their case plan by the age of 18.

  • Ramsey County should assign a consistent child protection staff person who will stay as a continuing liaison to the Children’s Services Review Panel.

Looking Ahead

The panel will continue to focus on service delivery for youth in transition and plans that reflect the needs of this population.

The panel will monitor the Program Improvement Plan for Ramsey County Human Services.

The panel will work in cooperation with community partners to advocate at the legislative level to address the needs of children in need of human services.


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