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Ramsey County Children’s Services Review Panel 2007 Annual Report (continued)


We would like to thank former Ramsey County Human Services Department (RCHSD) staff members Susan Ault, director, Marvin Davis, program manager and Jenny Gordon, program manager, Children’s and Family Services, for their past service and wish them the best in their new endeavors.

Current RCHSD staff members to be acknowledged are Dawn Autenreith, coordinator of the RCHSD Citizens Advisory Council, Richard Coleman, program manager and Clyde Turner, program manager, Children’s and Family Services.

We would also like to acknowledge Lifetrack Resources for the generous donation of space for the monthly meetings.

Committee reports follow.

Independent Living Skills Committee 2007 Report

Submitted by the Following Panel Members: Ginny Pieper and Lyn Birawer

Committee Activities:

Please reference previously identified recommendations, needs and resources presented to the Ramsey County Human Services Department (RCHSD) in our 2005 and 2006 Children’s Services Review Panel Annual Reports. These reports address services specifically related to the Independent Living Skills of children in, and aging out of foster care. The panel made several requests for feedback related to the recommendations included in the reports. Unfortunately the Panel did not receive a response until Clyde Turner, RCHSD, attended our meeting in September 2007. At that time Mr. Turner was unable to address any of the recommendations specifically, citing he was new in his position and just learning more about his responsibilities. He did indicate he was aware of our report and took our recommendations seriously. He invited Lyn Birawer and Ginny Pieper to attend the next Youth in Transition Task Force meeting.

Lyn and Ginny did attend the Task Force meeting on September 27, 2007. It was learned that the recommendations the Children’s Services Review Panel made in 2006 had not yet been acted on. Staff members still were not clear about each person’s responsibilities regarding the ILS plans. Alternative ways to document ILS plans and a format for the plans were discussed. At this point, Lyn and Ginny felt little had progressed since recommendations had been identified in the Children’s Services Review Panel’s reports over the past two years. Youth leaving foster care in Ramsey County continue to fall through the cracks and are not learning the skills they need. As staff members transition into new positions, it is our great hope the recommendations will be addressed and implemented within the coming year.


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