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Independent Living Skills Committee 2007 Report (continued)

At the October RCCSRP meeting, Clyde Turner did address the RCHSD response to the Panel’s 11 recommendations including: training for Ramsey County ILS staff, foster parents and youth regarding ILS programs and the roles they have, putting systems in place to support monitoring the progress of ILS plans and addressing accountability to the service needs of youth ineligible for transition planning.

Program Improvement Plan Committee 2007 Report

Submitted by the Following Panel Members: Heather Kilgore, Yumi Kayama and Georgia Boehlke


The Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Committee reviewed the Minnesota Department of Human Services report “Evaluating Minnesota’s Child Welfare System: A Review of Safety, Permanency and Well-Being Outcomes for Children and Families in Ramsey County,” dated August 2005. To more fully understand this report, the committee also spent time reviewing the federal and State process of Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSR) which forms the basis for the report. The report identified outcome areas needing improvement as well as areas in which Ramsey County is demonstrating success. In response to the findings in the report, Ramsey County prepared a Program Improvement Plan (PIP) to address those areas needing improvement, to which the committee then turned.

The written PIPs to which the committee had access were helpful in identifying the overall strategies Ramsey County identified as addressing the reported areas needing improvement. The committee determined that an opportunity to hear from the managers in charge of implementing the plan would provide a fuller picture of the County’s progress in implementation of the plan.

Committee Activities

The committee met twice to orient to the CFSR/PIP process; then made a written request for updates from the County. The committee requested an in-person progress report from the County, to be held at the Panel’s monthly meeting. At the Panel’s meeting on October 3, the Panel welcomed Richard Coleman for a PIP update for Child Protection, and on November 7, the Panel welcomed Carolyn Reynolds for a similar update for the Guardianship/Adoption unit.

Committee Recommendations

Based upon the information in this report, we make the following recommendations: 1. Both Child Protection and Guardianship/Adoption unit managers prepare quarterly written updates of progress toward goals set forth in the PIP, to be emailed to the committee. The committee will report to the Panel.


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