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Program Improvement Plan Committee 2007 Report (continued)

Through the implementation of this recommendation, we believe that the committee will be able to better track future progress toward the goals set forth in the PIP. We also hope to begin to compare the issues identified in the PIP with larger funding needs to determine which issues require more resources to overcome.

Current Status of the Committee

The committee intends to continue its work, and will meet soon to discuss next steps.

Looking Ahead

The committee looks forward to receiving written reports from County unit managers on a quarterly basis.

Child Welfare Finance Committee 2007 Report

Submitted by the Following Panel Members: Mark Proctor, Cindy Toppin, Jan Gibson Talbot and JoAnn Cardenas Enos


Panel members indicated an overall concern for a perceived lack of adequate funding for child welfare in Ramsey County. The Child Welfare Finance Committee was established to educate our panel about and make recommendations regarding child welfare financing in Ramsey County.

Committee Activities

The Child Welfare Finance Committee began 2007 by conducting a literature review of relevant documents related to child welfare finance in Minnesota. Documents reviewed included: The Changing Landscape of Federal Child Welfare Financing by the National Conference of State Legislatures dated December 2006, Evaluation Report – Human Services Administration by the Office of the Legislative Auditor State of Minnesota dated January 2007 and Child Safety in Minnesota – A recommendation from the Task Force for Financing the Future of Child Welfare in Minnesota dated September 25, 2006.

Based on the findings of the literature review our committee decided that the best course of action would be to educate state legislators on child welfare financing issues. Our committee began working in conjunction with Court Appointed Special Advocates Minnesota and the Child Well-Being working group of Minnesota Without Poverty to hold a legislative briefing on child welfare funding issues in Minnesota. This combined workgroup began meeting in July and convened the legislative briefing on November 16, 2007.


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