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PI WebParts


Business Challenge

PI BatchTable web part lets users search for live and historical PI Batch™ data and exchanges this information with other web parts.

While organizations struggle to manage large volumes of data, they must also find the most effective way for employees to access vital business information. It is not enough to simply unlock the vault to this wealth of raw business data. Instead, organizations must provide intelligent access to data so employees only view information relevant to their role in a context that is meaningful to that role.

PI Gauge web part displays PI System™ data and data from other enterprise data stores in dynamically updating gauges.

PI Graphic web part extends the usability of your PI ProcessBook™ displays by making them available to your portal users.


PI WebParts™ allow users to investigate real-time information —including time- series, relational and web services information— within a familiar Internet browser- based environment. Data can be combined from different sources: real-time, maintenance systems, production planning systems, and financial systems. The flexible, configurable, interface enables information workers to customize views and enables enterprises to architect security so that only appropriate information appears on a user’s display.

PI Messenger web part displays a list of contacts (which automatically filters based on display context and user status) so you can instant message co-workers while investigating operational issues in SharePoint.

PI Table web part displays both current and historical data in tabular format. To make it easier to understand the data, the web part uses colors to highlight anomalous values, includes hyperlinks to related pages and lets users open an ad hoc trend of the table data with a click of the mouse.

PI TimeRange web part controls the time scale used by other web parts on a page including the PI Trend, PI ActiveView, PI Gauge, PI Table, and PI Graphic web parts.

Microsoft® SharePoint® Portal with PI WebParts


Operational visibility by assembling information from wide variety of sources into a single portal environment, PI WebParts provides users with both high-level visibility and a complete operational picture.

Enable deep business insight. PI WebParts tightly integrates with PI ProcessBook or Microsoft Excel® so users can launch either application from within the portal to investigate issue in more detail, update documents or collaborate with co-workers.

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