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Information for Students

This Study Guide has been written just for you. To receive a high school diploma, you must pass the CAHSEE, and we want to make sure you do.

The Mathematics part of the CAHSEE consists of 92 multiple-choice questions. This Study Guide includes tips for answering the multiple-choice questions. Remembering these tips can help you pass the CAHSEE.

Tips for Preparing for the CAHSEE

q Apply Yourself in the Classroom. The CAHSEE measures what you are learning and have already been taught in the classroom. More than any other preparation, attending your classes, paying attention in class, and doing your homework will help you pass the CAHSEE.

q Get Help! If you have trouble understanding any part of your class work or this Study Guide, get help! Talk to a teacher, a counselor, your parents, your guardian, or students who have already passed the CAHSEE. Many students receive valuable help in study groups with other students.

Your school district offers special help for students who have not passed the exam. To find out what your school offers, ask your Math teacher or principal.

q Use This Study Guide. Don’t wait until the last minute. Find a place where it’s easy to concentrate, and set aside some time each week to prepare. Starting early will ensure you have time to get help if you need it.

Tips for Using the Answer Document

q Use only a #2 pencil. Harder lead will be difficult to erase if you need to. Softer lead can leave smudges, and to the machine that scores the exam, a smudge can look the same as an answer you chose.

q Mark only one answer to each question. If you change an answer, erase the original answer completely.

q Be certain you are marking the right question on your answer document, especially if you skip a question you want to answer later.

Tips for Answering Multiple-Choice Questions

q Relax! You don’t have to answer every question correctly to pass the CAHSEE. If you become stressed, take a deep breath, relax, and focus on doing the best you can. You will have chances to retake the exam if you need to.


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