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Accreditation of ICT Suppliers

Safety Executive, the Health and Safety Commission, the Environment Agency and any other relevant regulatory authority.

The Contractor shall promptly notify the Agency of any health and safety hazards which may arise in connection with the performance of the Services.

The Agency shall promptly notify the Contractor of any health and safety hazards which may exist or arise at the Agency’s premises and which may affect the Contractor in the performance of the Services.

The Contractor shall inform all staff engaged in the provision of the Services at the Agency’s premises of all known health and safety hazards and shall instruct those staff in connection with any safety measures.

Whilst on the Agency’s premises the Contractor shall comply with any health and safety measures implemented by the Agency in respect of personnel and other persons working on those premises.

The Contractor shall notify the Agency’s representative immediately in the event of any incident occurring in the performance of the Services on the Agency’s premises where that incident causes any personal injury or any damage to property which could give rise to personal injury.

The Contractor shall take all measures necessary to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and any other Acts, Orders, Regulations and codes of practice relating to health and safety, which may apply to staff in the performance of the Services.



The Contractor shall not unlawfully discriminate within the meaning and scope of the provisions of the Race Relations Act 1976, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 or any statutory modification or re-enactment of those Acts relating to discrimination in employment.

The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all servants, employees or agents of the Contractor and all sub-contractors employed in the performance of the Services do not unlawfully discriminate as set out in this clause.


Equal Opportunities

The Contractor must promote equal opportunities in all activities covered by this Agreement and have, and actively demonstrate a written Equal Opportunities Policy statement. The Contractor must make the policy statement available to the Agency when it is requested in writing. The Contractor must put into effect any provision which it may agree with the Agency relating to equal opportunities and comply with all statutory duties and legislation relating to equal opportunities.


Gifts, Inducements and Rewards

The Contractor shall not offer, give or agree to give to any person at the Agency any gift, consideration or reward in the attainment or execution of the Agreement. Any breach of this Agreement under the Prevention of Corruption Acts 1889 to 1916 shall entitle the Agency to terminate the Agreement and recover from the Contractor any costs incurred.


Conflict of Interest

The Contractor must declare any known material interest that it may have in respect of this Agreement or any other dealings with the Agency as soon as it is aware of such an interest being present. If it is subsequently discovered that the Contractor has not declared a known material interest, the Agency reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and recover any payments made prior to discovery.


Sub-Contracting and Assignment

The Contractor may not sub-contract the services or any part of them and may not assign this Agreement or any part of it without the prior written consent of the Agency. Where a sub-contractor is appointed, liability for the work undertaken will still lie with the original Contractor.



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