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Accreditation of ICT Suppliers


Information about Your Organisation

Provide short background statement on:

your organisation

your experience working for the public sector, including Non-Departmental Public Bodies and in particular RDA’s

your experience of working on this type of service

Method Statement

The purpose of the method statement is to allow us to evaluate your understanding of our requirements and the quality of your proposals for meeting them. The method statement will then be incorporated into the contract together with the specification, and form part of the contractor’s obligations.  It should therefore describe clearly how you will provide each of the main requirements set out in the Specification. Please set it out under the following headings and order:

IT Systems

Give details of IT systems that you have in place or propose to use to support the service and experience in using them.


Give details of the premises you propose to use and their location and the facilities available.

Risk and Contingencies

Set out your plans for managing risks and contingencies that may arise during the project.

Compliance with Conditions

Set out your plans for complying with the requirements of the Specification with regard to equal opportunities, health and safety, and legal requirements.

Insurance Cover

Provide details of your insurance for all risks.

Setting up Arrangements

Set out how you would deal with the receipt of instructions.

Resource Plan

Give details of how you will manage the resources you expect to use to carry out this Contract.  Include the number and grades of staff you expect to use for providing the service.  Also include an organisational chart indicating responsibilities and reporting lines.  Please indicate where staff will not be employed full time on this Contract. In each case indicate whether you expect the staff to be drawn from within your organisation or be newly recruited.

Provide short curriculum vitae of key staff as an Annex.

Quality Plan

Give details of how you will ensure that a high quality of service is maintained and that all performance targets set out in the Specification will be met:

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