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Accreditation of ICT Suppliers

the Anti-Collusive Bidding Certificate and the Declaration by Bidder form should be signed and returned accompanying your formal tender submission

Conditions Applying to this Tender



You may not alter any of the documents. Any modification that you think is necessary is to be detailed separately in a letter accompanying the tender.

Incomplete Tender


Tenders may be rejected if the complete information called for is not given at the time of tendering.

Address Label


The address label for the return of your tender is enclosed and must be used. Envelopes/packages should be plain and bear no reference to you or your organisation. Please place the Tender Label on the front of the return envelope. You should note that this also applies to any tenders sent via courier firms. Tenders without the label or in envelopes which in any way identify you or your organisation, may be rejected without opening.

Receipt of Tenders


Tenders will be received up to the time and date stated. It is your responsibility to ensure that their tender is received on time. The Agency does not undertake to consider tenders received after that time. Those received before the date will be retained unopened until then.


Tenders will not be considered if sent by facsimile, e-mail, or telephone. Hand delivery of envelopes will be accepted, these should be delivered to the reception desk at 3 Priestley Wharf, Holt St, Aston Science Park, Birmingham B7 4BN. Bidders should ensure that a member of the Agency’s reception staff notes the time and date of receipt.


The Agency does not issue acknowledgement of receipt of tender documents and accepts no responsibility for loss or non-receipt of applications.

Acceptance of Tenders


By issuing this invitation the Agency is not bound in any way and does not have to accept the lowest or any tender.

Period for which Tender shall Remain Valid


Unless otherwise stated by the Bidder, tenders shall remain valid for three months from the closing date for receipt of tenders.

Amendments to Tender Documents


The Agency reserves the right to amend the enclosed tender documents at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of tenders. Any such amendment will be numbered, dated, and issued by email to all Bidders in accordance with paragraph 22 below. Where amendments are significant, the Agency may at its discretion extend the deadline for receipt of tenders.



Offering an inducement of any kind in relation to obtaining this or any other contract with the Agency will disqualify your tender from being considered and may constitute a criminal offence.

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