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Accreditation of ICT Suppliers

Collusion and Confidentiality


The Bidder must not try to obtain any information about any other parties tender or proposed tender before the contract is awarded.


The Bidder must not inform anyone else of their tendered price.  If required strictly for the preparation of the Bid, the only exceptions are: a quotation for insurance, surety or a performance bond; or the taking of professional advice.


Under the Government Code of Practice to Government Information, the Agency must reserve the general right to disclose either information about your tender or the tender itself, including your range of prices, once a contract is awarded. However, you may request that certain information is not disclosed if to do so would prejudice your legitimate commercial interests.  Requests for non- disclosure must accompany your tender and include a clear and substantive justification together with a suggested time limit when any confidential information could be disclosed. It would be helpful if you could keep the areas that you consider should not be disclosed separate from the other areas of your tender. The Agency will then consider your request. Please also see the covering letter for the reference to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the obligations now held by the Agency and the exemptions that may be relevant to this tender.

Costs and Expenses


The Agency does not offer guidance on costs and budgets in relation to tenders.  Bidders are expected to assess the costs based on their understanding of the scope and scale of the specification.  You will not be entitled to claim from the Agency any costs or expenses which you may incur in preparing your tender whether or not your bid is successful.


Trading names/invoicing: Where invoices will be rendered by, or payments made to, an entity whose title differs in any respect from the title in which the tender is submitted, full details must be provided in a letter accompanying the tender.  Successful Bidders who fail to provide this may experience delays in payment of their invoices.



Following the award of contract, debriefing will be offered to unsuccessful Bidders.



All enquiries in connection with this ITT should be addressed to the individual/s named in section 3 on Timetable and Administrative Arrangements above.

Details as to how requests for further information and access during this stage will be managed are explained below.

No approach of any kind should be made to any other person in connection with this project or this document unless directed by the above.

Addenda to the ITT


If, as a result of bi-lateral discussions and clarifications, the Agency wishes to amend or update the contents of this ITT, an addendum will be issued. Addenda issued in advance of Bid submission will supersede the contents of this ITT for Bid submission purposes.

Further Information


Requests for further information may be made in writing or by e-mail. To ensure that fairness is maintained in the process, responses to points raised by Bidders will be circulated to all Bidders, albeit in a non-attributable form. If Bidders do not want responses for individual requests for clarification or further information to be notified to all Bidders, the request should be clearly marked as commercially confidential.

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