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Advantage West Midlands is one of nine Regional Development Agencies established by the Government to be ‘Strategic drivers of sustainable economic development’.

With an annual budget of c. £350 million, Advantage West Midlands’ role is to transform the West Midlands’ economy and create a better place in which to invest, work, learn, visit and live.

We work with partners from the private, public and voluntary sector to:

Promote economic development and regionally balanced growth;

Promote social cohesion and sustainable development through integrated local regeneration programmes;

Promote employment and enhance the development of skills to help those without a job get back into work;

Promote enterprise, innovation, increased productivity and competitiveness.

A key part of our role is to lead the development of The West Midlands Economic Strategy.  This provides a strategic framework and implementation plan to guide the region’s development to 2010.  At the heart of the Strategy is the vision that:

“The West Midlands is recognised as a world-class region in which to invest, work, learn, visit and live and the most successful in creating wealth to benefit all of its people”.

The Strategy has four core objectives or ‘pillars’:

Developing a diverse & dynamic business base

Promoting a learning & skilful Region

Creating the conditions for growth

Regenerating communities

The Strategy also acknowledges that we need a ‘Powerful Voice for the Region’ – so that we win the support, resources and investment needed for transformational change.

To deliver these objectives and target resources effectively, the Strategy goes on to define three ‘Delivery Vehicles’ - High Technology Corridors, Regeneration Zones and Business Clusters.

High Technology Corridors

There are three High Technology Corridors where we are working with partners - including the region’s universities - to attract and develop more technology based, high value added businesses. This will help make the region’s business base more diverse and dynamic. The three Corridors are the Central Technology Belt (Birmingham to Worcester); the Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire Corridor and the Wolverhampton to Telford Corridor.

Regeneration Zones

There are six Regeneration Zones in the West Midlands. Five cover the main urban areas and the sixth covers the rural west of the region. All have areas of social deprivation and high unemployment but also substantial development potential. The aim of Regeneration Zones is to link need with opportunity.  Each Zone has a partnership board which brings together local knowledge and expertise to prioritise plans and make best use of the available resources.  With boundaries determined by the location of redundant industrial land and the region’s most deprived wards, the Zones provide a strong geographic focus for our work to regenerate communities, improve basic skills, raise employment levels and create the conditions for growth.  

Business Clusters

Clusters are groupings of businesses, research and academic institutions, suppliers and service providers – linked through a common product or technology.  We are working to encourage the development of 10 such Clusters, by creating industry led Cluster Opportunity Groups (COGs).  The COGs identified regional strengths, opportunities and barriers to growth then developed action plans that will help these industries to prosper and grow in the future.

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