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Kerr 21570 (BK, BM, K)]; SOUTHEASTERN: Sa Kaeo [Aranyaprathet, Khlong Nam Sai, 19 Nov. 1964, Sutheesorn 169 (BK)]; Chon Buri [Sattahip, Ban Thung Brong, 3 May 1971, Maxwell 71-361 (BK) & 71-363 (AAU); Khao Khiao, 5 Feb. 1969, Phengklai 1999 (L)]; Trat [Ko Chang, 5April 1923, Kerr 6889A (AAU, BK, K)].

Distribution.— Cambodia.

Ecology.— In dry evergreen forest; altitude 0–50 m. Flowering and fruiting periods: February to August.

Notes.— Tarenna harmandiana is distinguished from all other Thai species of Tarenna by having large and thick leaves, pubescent on their lower surface and pubescent inflorescences.

9. Tarenna hirsuta Craib, Fl. Siam 2: 91. 1932. Type: Thailand, Pattani, Khao Kala Kiri, 2 April 1928, Kerr 14976 (holotype K!; isotypes BK!; BM!).

Thailand.— PENINSULAR: Satun [Tarutao National Park, Pumtao bay, 5 June 1980, Congdon 572 (AAU)]; Pattani [Khao Kala Kiri, 2April 1928, Kerr 14976 (BK, BM, K)].

Distribution.— Endemic to Thailand.

Ecology.— Scattered in evergreen forest along streams; altitude to 500 m. Flowering and fruiting periods: June to April.

Notes.— The species is distinguished by its having a pendulous inflorescence and broader calyx lobes. Leaves are elliptic or lanceolate and hispidulous on the lower surface.

10. Tarenna hispidula Craib, Fl. Siam. 2: 91. 1932; Wong in Ng, Tree Fl. Malaya 4: 410, 414. 1989; Turner, Gard. Bull. Singapore 47: 447. 1995. Type: Malaysia, Langkawi, Buran, Ridley 15818 (holotype K!; isotype SING!).— T. hispidula var. brevipes Craib, Fl. Siam. 2: 92. 1932. Type: Thailand, Pattani, Bukit, 24 January 1931, Put 3616 (holotype K!; isotype BK!).— T. hispidula var. smithiae Craib, Fl. Siam. 2: 92. 1932. Type: Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Khao Luang, Smith 735 (holotype K!).

Thailand.— PENINSULAR: Chumphon [Khao Pang Tasae, 11 April 1967, Sutheesorn 2189 (BK)]; Ranong [Krabung, BangYai Waterfall, 21 April 1967, Sutheesorn 2345 (BK)]; Nakhon Si Thammarat [Khao Luang, Smith 735 (K), 22 May 1968, van Beusekom & Phengklai 924 (BKF, K, L, P)]; Satun [Tarutao Island, 5April 2005, Kesonbua 142 (KKU)]; Pattani [Bukit, 24 Jan. 1930, Put 3616 (BK, K)].

Distribution.— Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore.

Ecology.— Scattered in evergreen forest along streams; altitude to 950 m. Flowering and fruiting periods: January to April.

Notes.— Tarenna hispidula is similar to T. hirsuta in having drooping inflorescences and pubescent lower leaf surfaces. It differs in having denser inflorescences, the longer hairs on the lower leaf surface and by the filiform calyx lobes which are longer than the ovary.

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