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About four species distributed in the old world tropics. Two species in Thailand.


1. Leaf-blade lanceolate, less than 20 cm long, base oblique; apex acute; lower lemma glabrous or

hispidulous, mucronate at the tip

1. Centotheca lappacea

1. Leaf-blade linear to narrowly lanceolate, more than 25 cm long, base narrow, symmetric, apex acuminate; lower lemma with sub-marginal tubercle-based bristles, emucronate at the tip

2. Centotheca longilamina

1. Centotheca lappacea (L.) Desv., Nouv. Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris 2: 189. 1810. Type: “Habitat in India”, Herb. Linn. No. 1212.15 (neotype LINN, not seen).— Cenchrus lappaceus L., Sp. Pl. 2, 2: 1488. 1763.— Holcus latifolius Osb., Dagb. Ostind. Resa 247. 1757.— Centotheca latifolia Trin., Fund. Agrost. 141. 1820, nom. illeg. superfl. Fig 1.

Tufted, perennial rooting at lower nodes. Culms erect, 30–60 cm tall, smooth, glabrous; nodes dark green or purplish. Leaf-sheaths shorter to slightly longer than the internode, glabrous, 5–12 cm long with cilia on the margins. Ligules membranous, ca. 1.5 mm long, rounded at apex. Leaf-blades lanceolate, 10–15 by 2–5 cm; base slightly oblique, glabrous or sparsely strigose with bulbous-based hairs on upper surface, apex acute. Inflorescence an open panicle, elliptic in outline, 10–15 by 5–10 cm; branches patent, mostly single at nodes, some binate, 3–16 cm long, angular, scabrous. Spikelets with pedicels, 1.5 by 1.7 mm long, elliptic, 5–7 by 2–2.5 mm, weakly flattened with 1–3 flowers. Lower glume chartaceous, 2.5–2.7 by 0.5–0.7 mm, 3-nerved, scabrid towards the apex. Upper glume lanceolate, 3–3.5 by 0.5–0.7 mm, 3-nerved, the midnerve protruding to an awnlet. Lower floret bisexual. Lower lemma lanceolate, 4–4.2 by 1–1.2 mm, 7-nerved, glabrous or hispidulous, apex with an awnlet. Palea hyaline, boat-shaped, 3–3.2 mm long, margins ciliate. Stamens 2 or 3. Caryopsis ellipsoid, dark brown, 1–1.2 mm long. Upper floret mostly sterile. Upper lemmas lanceolate, 3–3.2 by 0.3–0.5 mm, 7-nerved, bearing bulbose-based bristles retrorsing at maturity along margins. Palea keeled, boat-shaped, 3–3.2 mm long, hyaline, margins finely ciliate.

Thailand.— NORTHERN: Chiang Mai [Doi Suthep, 30 Oct. 1909, Kerr 868 (K); Pong Nam Ron, Fang district, 17April 1953, Kasin 395 (BK); Doi Suthep, 4 Oct. 1958, SØrensen et al. 5426 (K); Hua Kutan, 30 Jan. 1970, Sutheesorn 1520 (BK)]; Lampang [Chae Son National Park, 21 Oct. 1995, Maxwell 95–943 (BKF)]; Phrae [Mae Ram village, Tao Poon, Song district, 27 Nov. 1986, Paisooksantivatana s.n. (BK)]; Nakhon Sawan [Takhli, 26 Nov. 1928, Put 2133 (BK, K)]; NORTHEASTERN: Phetchabun [Phu Miang, 20 Oct. 1967, Shimizu et al. T-11408 (BKF)]; Loei [Phu Kradueng National Park, 16 Oct. 1954, Smitinand 2033 (BKF); 15 Nov. 1979, Shimizu et al. T-22756 (BKF); 30 Oct. 1984, Murata et al. T.-42088 (BKF); 13 Sept. 1990, Chantaranothai et al. 90/193 (K)]; Nong Khai [Phon Pisai, 19 Nov. 1963, Pradit 209 (BK)]; Sakon Nakhon [Nakum, 28 Nov. 1962, Adisai 176 (BK)]; Kalasin [Phu Phan National Park, 12 Nov. 1965, G. Murata et al. T-50674 (BKF)]; Khon Kaen [Pha Nok Khao, 26 Nov. 1965, M. Murata T-324 (AAU, BKF, K)]; EASTERN: Ubon Ratchathani [Sae Waterfall, 12 Dec. 1954, Phengnaren s.n. (BKF)]; SOUTHWESTERN: Uthai Thani [To Tone Waterfall, Huai Kha Khaeng, Lan Sak district, 12 Nov.1979, Shimizu et al.T-22558 (BKF)]; Kanchanaburi

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