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    Leaves concolorous green on both surfaces; stems reaching 1.5 m and thence always decumbent; spathe limb pale green, not glaucous; spadix not glaucous; synandria convex- topped, ca 2 mm diam.; stigmas 3–5 lobed, lobes conic, spreading; spathe limb deliquescent prior to fruiting; widespread but only known from areas of human disturbance 6. A. macrorrhizos

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    Leaves abaxially glaucous; stems frequently exceeding 2 m and almost never decumbent; spathe limb interior glaucous; spadix weakly glaucous; synandria flat-topped 2 by 1 mm; stigmas blunt, deeply incised, erect; spathe limb marcescent during fruiting; endemic to

Chantanaburi 1. Plants not so. If taller than 1 m then never massive

4. A. hypoleuca

5. Plants always seasonally dormant; petioles green and leaf lamina not peltate; plant producing long (to 110 cm) horizontal or spreading stolons tipped with tuberules; spathe


3. A. hypnosa

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    Plants never seasonally dormant, if so then petioles mottled & leaf lamina peltate and plant never with long stolons; spathe green to white

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      Stems stoutly erect and basally much branched; lamina broadly ovate; only known from areas of

human disturbance

2. A. cucullata

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    Stems weakly erect to decumbent, not branching basally; lamina various but never broadly ovate; plants of natural forest

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      Stems without conspicuously elongated internodes; leaves clustered and not noticeably inter spersed with cataphylls; lamina membranous

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        Petioles purple-brown to pink to green, strikingly obliquely mottled chocolate brown; leaf

lamina pendent; stigmas conspicuously lobed

8. Petioles green; leaf lamina spreading; stigmas not conspicuously lobed

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    A. longiloba

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    A. acuminata

7. Stems with conspicuously elongated internodes; leaves several along the stem, irregularly

interspersed with cataphylls; lamina coriaceous to thickly coriaceous and subsucculent 9. A. perakensis

1.Alocasia acuminata Schott, Bonplandia 7: 28. 1859; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 6: 527. 1893.

Small to medium-sized, slightly robust, evergreen terrestrial herbs to 75 cm tall. Stem rhizomatous, generally elongate, erect later decumbent, ca 8–75 by 2–6 cm diam., older parts covered with remains of old leaf bases and cataphylls. Leaves up to 5 together, subtended by conspicuous lanceolate papery-membranous cataphylls. Petioles glabrous, bright green, ca 15–80 cm long, sheathing in the lower ca T.; lamina spreading, narrowly hastato-sagittate to ovato-hastate, 15–60 by 8–20 cm, bright green, posterior lobes Tthe length of the anterior, peltate for 25–30% of their length, acute; anterior costa with 3–6 primary lateral veins on each side, the proximal ones diverging at ca 60–100°, the angle decreasing in distal veins and the course more or less straight to the margin; axillary glands hardly conspicuous abaxially; secondary venation initially wide-spreading, then sooner or later deflected towards the margin; interprimary collecting veins weakly defined. Inflorescences usually solitary. Peduncles 9–20 cm long, green, erect at first, then declinate, elongating and then erect in advanced fruit, subtended by a series of progressively larger cataphylls. Spathe 7–10 cm long, moderately constricted ca 1.5–2.5 cm from the base; lower spathe green, ovoid; limb lanceolate, canoe-shaped and longitudinally hooded, 5.5– 7.5 cm, membranaceous, very pale green. Spadix subequalling the spathe, ca 6–9.5 cm long, sessile; female flower zone 1–1.5 cm; ovaries subglobose, ca 1.5–2 mm diam., green; stigma subsessile, white, not or only very slightly lobed; sterile interstice 7–10 mm, narrower than the fertile zones, corresponding with the spathe constriction; lower synandrodia often with incompletely connate staminodes, the rest elongate rhombo-hexagonal, flat-topped; male flower zone subcylindric, 1.2–2.5 by 4.5–8 mm, ivory white; synandria 4–6-merous, more or less hexagonal, ca 2 mm diam.; appendix 2.5–3.5 cm long, ca same thickness as male flower zone and demarcated from it by a strong constriction, elongate-conic, white. Fruiting

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