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THAI FOR. BULL. (BOT.) 36: 86–108 . 2008.

New species, new combinations, and new records in Convolvulaceae for the Flora of Thailand


ABSTRACT. This paper makes necessary taxonomic and nomenclatural adjustments prior to publication of the account of Convolvulaceae for the Flora of Thailand. Two new species of Argyreia Lour., A. variabilis Traiperm & Staples and A. leucantha Traiperm & Staples, are described and illustrated. The first reports of 13 species in Argyreia, Ipomoea L., Merremia Dennst. ex Endl., Dichondra Forst. & Forst.f., and Cuscuta L. are documented for the Thai flora. Four taxonomic and nomenclatural problems are resolved so that the names and species concepts are clear for the flora account; these include four new combinations and six reductions to synonymy. Voucher specimens are cited to document the new species and the new distribution records for Thailand reported here.

KEYWORDS: Convolvulaceae, distribution, new species, nomenclature, Thailand.


Beginning in 1985, the first author undertook study of the Convolvulaceae of Thailand, building slowly towards an account of the family for the Flora of Thailand. By far the most difficult genus proved to be Argyreia Lour., which has never been revised in its entirety and for which floristic treatments for continental Asia are wholly out of date and inadequate. Independently, the second author undertook a taxonomic study of Argyreia in Thailand for her M.Sc. degree at Chulalongkorn University, completed in 2002. This joint paper brings together the results of these two independent trains of research and makes a number of taxonomic rearrangements that are necessary prior to publication of the flora account. Most importantly, two new species of Argyreia, first recognized in the second author’s M.Sc. thesis, are here given scientific names. Several taxonomic problems in Argyreia are discussed and resolved, the second author having identified the problems and the first author having contributed information towards their resolution. Notes, new records, and nomenclatural changes are also presented for species of Cuscuta L., Dichondra Forst. & Forst. f., Ipomoea L., and Merremia Dennst. ex Endl. The results have been grouped in categories: taxonomic & nomenclatural problems, including new reductions to synonymy; new species descriptions; new records for Thailand. Within each category the arrangement is alphabetical by genus/species. All specimens cited have been seen, usually by the first author, except in the case of some type specimens; these have been indicated as “n.v.” Exclamation points have been added following herbarium acronyms in a few cases to remove ambiguity.

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    The Herbarium, Singapore Botanic Garden, Cluny Road, Singapore 259569. email: george_staples@

nparks.gov.sg ** Department of Plant Science, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Rama VI Road, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.

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