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The Bossier Parish Police Jury met in regular and legal session on this 15th day of August, 2001, - page 2 / 16





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August 15, 2001

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EMS District. Mr. Scott stated that in accordance with Federal regulations, the EMS District is

required to bill patients for any insurance deductible or co-pay.

Mr. Newman, billing accountant for the EMS District, explained that by law the EMS

District is required to collect the 20% portion of charges which are not covered by insurance or

medicare. He stated that the $36 annual user fee paid by citizens of Bossier Parish is a service fee

for using the ambulance. Mr. Newman stated that the EMS District accepts whatever amount

insurance pays, plus any deductible or co-pay. He stated that a reasonable attempt is made to collect

the deductible or co-pay. Mr. Newman advised that the EMS District is requesting an opinion from

the Office of the Inspector General on whether charges for an insurance deductible and/or co-pay

can be waived, but that until this ruling is available, the EMS District must continue to attempt to

collect these charges.


Mr. Gary Joiner, Precision Cartographics, discussed upcoming reapportionment for Bossier

Parish, and provided jurors with population information for each police jury district. Mr. Joiner

stated that during the reapportionment process, some of the current voting precincts can be

eliminated. He asked that jurors review the information provided, and stated that he will be

scheduling individual meetings with each juror. Mr. Joiner stated that public meetings will be held to

receive public input, and that final proposals will be prepared for submission to the Justice



Motion was made by Mr. Avery, seconded by Mr. Rogers, to take bids received at 1:00

p.m., August 15, 2001, for pharmaceuticals for the Bossier Parish jail and penal farm, under

advisement, to be tabulated and awarded at a later date. Motion carried unanimously. Bid

results are as follows:


Bid Amount

Denmon's Pharmacy Percentage Discount from AWP Dispensing Fee per each prescription

$ 8% $ 5.90

Walker Brothers Drugs Percentage Discount from AWP Dispensing Fee per each prescription

$ 10% $ 4.00

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