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The Bossier Parish Police Jury met in regular and legal session on this 15th day of August, 2001, - page 5 / 16





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August 15, 2001

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purchase the required property, advising that the property is not available for sale. Mr. Raley also

noted that this current development fronts Wemple Road. Mr. Avery urged Mr. Raley to pursue this


There being no opposition, motion was made by Mr. Avery, seconded by Mr. Cochran, to

approve the plat of the proposed development of Rosedale Place, Unit No. 4, as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Martin announced the public hearing to consider establishment of a permit system for

commercial hauling on Bossier Parish roads. Mr. Johnny Allison, Allison & Reynolds Timber

Services, L. L. C., and Mr. Steve Muslow, timber consultant in Caddo Parish, addressed the jury.

Mr. Rogers stated that any permit requirements will apply to all commercial haulers, not just

loggers. He stated that the police jury needs to be aware of job locations in an effort to monitor any

road damages. Mr. Allison stated that they obtain parish logging permits now, advising that an

employee of the parish regularly visits the job site to confirm that permits are in order. Mr.

Woodward stated that the permit obtained now is actually a culvert permit which is required to cross

a parish road right-of-way.

There was discussion of permit regulations in nearby parishes. Mr. Muslow urged that the

jury consider a permit system that is flexible, stating that work crews should not be delayed when

moving from one location to the next.

Mr. Rowe, Director of Public Works, stated that work on small tracts is a problem, as crews

move on quickly. He stated that the crew is usually gone when drainage or road damage is


Mr. Kenny Covington, Covington Company, Inc., urged jurors to consider the oil and gas

industry, stating that there is continuous activity in this type of work. He stated that equipment is

moved constantly, and that being required to obtain a permit each time equipment is moved will

place a burden on these companies. Mr. Rogers sated that the police jury does not intend to create

any additional burden, and is primarily concerned with job location and any road damages done.

The parish attorney is to draft a proposal for establishment of a permitting system for

consideration at a later date. Copies are to be forwarded to persons present at the public hearing for

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