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The Bossier Parish Police Jury met in regular and legal session on this 15th day of August, 2001, - page 7 / 16





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August 15, 2001

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penal farm on Old Plain Dealing Road. Mr. Meachum reported that the timber value on this property

is appraised at $19,806 and if the landowner wants to harvest the timber, the price for the property

will be reduced by this amount. Mr. Meachum stated that he prefers to purchase the property with

the timber. Motion was made by Mr. Johnston, seconded by Mr. Mitchell, that the Bossier

Parish Police Jury take steps to execute an option on the Coile property, 75 acres to purchased

by the Bossier Parish Police Jury and 25 acres to be purchased by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's

Department, with the purchase of this property subject to completion of a site feasibility and

environmental impact study to be done by URS, and the continued negotiations with Mr. Coile

on the purchase price in view of the current appraisal.

There was discussion on the motion. Mr. Altimus made the following statement:

"I fully support Mr. Johnston's motion at this time. As you may recall, I have voted against this every time it has come up, but over the last two weeks, I have taken the opportunity to really research this matter.

The land where the maximum security jail is located is a very important piece of the total equation, but you have to remember, it is just one piece.

The police jury has received several proposals for land now. Let's review them. 1.) Wayne Davis/John Doles - $1,900.00 per acre. It is farther north of the penal farm and we will have to subsidize Plain Dealing's water and sewage. 2.) RMS - $1,800.00 per acre. 3.) Bigby property - $2,000 per acre. We know the Sheriff has paid $1,500 to $2,500 per acre for various tracts of land around the penal farm.

I was on board for Mr. Cummings' land off Old Shed Road in Bossier City. If you remember, I went and got Mr. Charles Coyle to come out and take a look at it. We both went to the MPC to check the zoning. It was there we found out that this site wouldn't fly, literally.

We have done word of mouth requests for land, we have advertised in the newspaper, we have had articles written in the paper stating we are looking for land, we have hired a land attorney to help us identify potential tracts, Bobby Edmiston of the Assessor's office has been trying to beat the sticks for us. Gentlemen, here we are months later - no land.

Several weeks ago, I called Mr. Charles Coyle and asked him to analyze the Coile site concerning water and sewage. Mr. Coyle is President of the Central Bossier Water system which supplies water to the penal farm now. He has consulted with the DEQ and the Health Department concerning the sewage system. I asked Mr. Coyle three things up front.

1.) Be very liberal in his cost. 2.) Be able to defend his figures. 3.) Don't low ball me. As you are aware, URS has budgeted $1.5 million for water and sewage for our facility. Mr. Coyle's bottom line for all three facilities located at the penal farm is $1,622,000. I will ask Mr. Coyle to come forward in a minute to explain his thoughts and figures.

We might eventually find some land for $1,000 per acre within three to five miles of the existing penal farm. But wherever it ends up, this police jury will have to absorb the full cost of putting in the water and sewage, and let's not forget all future maintenance too.

We have a standing offer from the Sheriff right now to split the cost of these items along with any future maintenance.

Taking Mr. Coyle's figures to heart, this splitting the expense will save this jury, the taxpayers, $689,000 on the front end, not counting future maintenance. Even if we have to pay $100,000 more for the land, we are still ahead $589,000 than if we struck out on our own somewhere else. To me and hopefully my fellow jurors, buying the Coile property is an example of two parish

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