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The Bossier Parish Police Jury met in regular and legal session on this 15th day of August, 2001, - page 8 / 16





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August 15, 2001

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entities joining together, working toward a common goal, in a wise use of the taxpayers' dollar now and into the future.

Another problem I would like to address, fire protection in this area is basically none. As we are aware, this is a gray area. It is rated 10 by the insurance industry, the worst it can be. Homes and businesses pay the maximum in fire insurance premiums. I had the opportunity to speak to Chief Wallace of the Benton Fire District on this issue. Bottom line, the Benton Fire District is very interested in helping us and the residents of this area out. They have a station located within seven miles of the penal farm now, it could be beefed up. My thoughts would be to donate some land on the site, assist in equipment purchases and have the Benton Fire District organize this station. Not only would this help us out in fire protection and insurance, but it would also provide coverage in this area to the residents.

The Sheriff has agreed to enter into intergovernmental agreements with the jury covering this whole operation, not only creating this complex now, but also maintenance in the future.

When you take all of this into consideration, gentlemen, the Coile property is where we need to be."

Mr. Charles Coyle, Coyle Engineering, stated that in locating the jail facility in the

immediate area of the penal farm, sewer needs can be met by treating and pumping effluent to the

Red River. He stated that this will require a pump station at an estimated cost of $800,000. Mr.

Coyle stated that with the drilling of two deep water wells, the facilities could tie on to the Central

Bossier Water System.

Mr. J. T. Wallace, Fire Chief, Benton Fire District No. 4, stated that Benton Fire District No.

4 can provide quality fire protection to the new jail facility. He stated that the expansion of the

Benton Fire District to include this area will drastically reduce fire insurance ratings for


After further discussion, votes were cast on Mr. Johnston's motion to take steps to

execute an option on the Coile property, 75 acres to purchased by the Bossier Parish Police

Jury and 25 acres to be purchased by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Department, with the

purchase of this property subject to completion of a site feasibility and environmental impact

study to be done by URS, and the continued negotiations with Mr. Coile on the purchase price

in view of the current appraisal. Motion carried, with Mr. Cummings opposing. It was noted

that Mr. Jackson would continue to negotiate for options on other property until finalization.


Mr. Gary Cathcart reported on a meeting regarding the Lake Bistineau stump removal

project, advising that Wildlife and Fisheries' biologists are to determine the areas to be cut and will

coordinate the use of funds from the parishes of Bossier, Webster and Bienville, obtained through

the Office of Rural Development grants.

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