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Advanced Flex

A rich Internet application combines the benefits of using the Web as a low-cost deployment model with a rich user experience that’s at least as good as today’s desktop applications. And, since RIAs don’t require that the entire page be refreshed to update their data, the response time is much faster and the network load much lower. Think of a globally available client/server application.

Rich Internet applications eliminate the roundtrips and substantially improve system performance By doing a lot more of the processing on the client than a thin client Web application. Besides, RIAs are stateful: they accumulate the information right on the client! To put it simply, RIA isn’t a set of pages controlled by the server; they are actual applications running on the client’s computer and communicating with servers primarily to process and exchange data.

The major part of Advance flex is give below:

1: Advance Flex Programming

  • Embedding Assets

  • Printing

  • Creating Modular Applications

  • Deep Linking

  • Communicating with the Wrapper

  • Using Shared Objects

  • Localizing Flex Applications

Embedding Assets:

The process of compiling an asset into your application is called embedding the asset. Flex lets you embed image files, movie files, MP3 files, and TrueType fonts into your applications. Embedded assets are compiled into the SWF file of your Flex application. They are not loaded at run time and you do not have to deploy the original asset files with your application. The alternative to embedding assets is to load them at run time. Assets loaded at run time have to be deployed with your application because they are not compiled into it. This has the advantage of keeping the file size of your Flex application smaller and speeding up its initial loading time.


Adobe Flex applications allow the users print from within the application. The Flex mx.printing package contains classes that facilitate the creation of printing output from Flex applications:

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