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Deep linking relies on communication between the browser and the Flex application. The communication is bidirectional: if a change occurs in the application, the browser must be notified, and if a change in the browser occurs, then the application must be notified. This communication is handled by the BrowserManager class.

Communicating with the Wrapper:

You exchange data between a Flex application and the HTML page that embeds that application in several ways, depending on the type of integration that your application requires. A Flex application is loaded in a browser within a wrapper. This wrapper is often an HTML page that can include JavaScript or other client-side logic that the Flex application can interact with.

Shared Objects: Shared objects behave like cookies. You use SharedObject class to store data on the client’s hard disk and retrieve those objects in the same session or in another session. Applications can access their own shared object data only. You can make your shared data object available to other application from the same domain and you cannot share with applications from other domains. Shared objects allow you to write simple objects like Arrays, String and Date. You can create multiple shared objects for one application. Each shared object is associated with a name. To add data to shared objects, you use the data property of the shared object. Below is a function, which displays a welcome message if the user is revisiting. By default, Flash can save locally persistent SharedObject objects of up to 100 KB per domain. When the application tries to save data to a shared object that would make it bigger than 100 KB, Flash Player displays the Local Storage dialog box, which lets the user allow or deny local storage for the domain that is requesting access.

Localizing Flex Application: Localization is the process of including assets to support multiple locales. A locale is the combination of a language and a country code; for example, en_US refers to the English language as spoken in the United States, and fr_FR refers to the French language as spoken in France. To localize an application, you would provide two sets of assets, one for the en_US locale and one for the fr_FR locale. Localization goes beyond just translating Strings used in your application. It can also include any type of asset such as audio files, images, and videos. Because the meanings of colors and images can vary based on the culture,

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